Disney Favorites: March and April 2017 

Well, hello, Disney fans…

I know it is has been awhile. If you wondered why I blogged a lot in March, and then, stopped all of a sudden, that was because I went back to school from a two week spring break. I am hoping to get in at least a couple more posts before I become really busy with the fourth quarter of school, but I am not sure since I have been very busy with schoolwork lately. Anyway, today, I am doing a different type of post I have never done before. I will be doing a  monthly favorites post, but it will be only my Disney favorites. I have had a lot of Disney favorites from both March and April, so I thought I would give this type of post a go and share a few things I have been loving lately.


• Beauty and the Beast(2017): As I am sure most of my readers know, I had been waiting and looking forward for the live action Beauty and the Beast for a long time! And when the opening weekend finally came, I was a little too excited! I loved it so much that I saw it again a few weeks later! I would go see it a third time even, but I don’t know if people would want to go see it a again with me… I could rant about this film, but I think I will just link my Beauty and the Beast review post in this post!  Check my review out HERE

Moana: I saw this in theaters in November, and then, I saw it again sometime last month. And, ugh… It’s SO amazing! I haven’t really gotten the chance to share all my thoughts on it, but I am hoping to soon. The songs, the characters, the plot… I could go on, but I love every single thing about this movie. One thing I especially love is that Moana has no love interests whatsoever, and she does not end up with a man in the end. This is a good thing because it teaches little girls you do not need a  man to make you happy. Moana is so unique because she finds happiness not through a man but by making her family happy and proud by saving the island.


• Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack (2017):  Shocker, right? Oh. My. Gosh. I am so obsessed with this soundtrack, and I mean every single song on it! I have listened to the songs too many times to count, but they never seem to get tiring. 

• Moana Soundtrack: Though I am not as obsessed with this soundtrack  as I am with the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, I love it! I especially love How Far I’ll Go! 

I Won’t Say (I’m in Love) from Hercules: I have never seen Hercules before, but I came across this song one day and loved it! Now, after hearing a couple of the songs from Hercules, I really want to see the movie. 

 Vloggers/ Bloggers:

• missshelbayy: I first discovered her channel when I was watching Disney College Program vlogs one day. Shelbay did the Disney College Program Spring Advantage 2016, and then, she extended her program until January of this year. Her vlogs are so entertaining, and it is so fun to watch her adventures! She got back from Disney a few months ago, and she continues making Disney videos, including DCP related, for her YouTube channel. I definitely recommend to check out her amazing channel that I enjoy so much! 

• Disney At Heart: Brittany and Jared are a married couple vlogging all their adventures at Walt Disney World,  giving advice for your Disney vacation, and more Disney related vlogs. Their channel is awesome, and I really enjoy watching their videos! 

 Social Media Accounts: 

joeyfromdisney(Instagram): Joey has just become a cast member at Walt Disney World at the Polynesian Resort, and it is so fun to follow along with his adventures! 

missshelbay(Instagram): Besides her channel, I have also been loving her Instagram account lately! She posts many photos of her year long Disney adventure.

And those are just a few of the things I have been loving in the last couple of months! Thanks so much for reading and for all the support I get for my blog!  Feel free to comment on this post, and please, go follow me on Instagram @pixiedusteddisneyfreak and go like my Facebook page

Have a magical day!



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Guest Post from Lights, Camera, Disney: Food Must-Do’s 

I have another guest post to share with you all! Today’s post is another post from Lights, Camera, Disney, except this time it is written by Julia! Again, please, go give their awesome blog a follow if you love all things Disney by clicking on the blue link above! Today, Julia will be talking about some food must-do’s at Walt Disney World! 
My family loves going to Disney World and one of our favorite experiences is trying the food. All throughout the parks there are restaurants and fun little stops with great food, so if you are planning a trip to Disney soon, here are some of my favorite food must-dos!

Magic Kingdom 

Dole Whip at the Sunshine Tree Terrace (Adventureland): This is everyone’s favorite and so refreshing on a hot day.

The Caesar Salad at Tony’s (Main St.): This is my sister’s favorite lunch item and it really is delicious!

The Grey Stuff at Be Our Guest (Fantasyland): Lumiere was right, it is delicious!


Fish and Chips at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop (UK): Best fish and chips!

Troll Horns at the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe (Norway): I just have one word to describe these-Delicious!

Chicken Pot Stickers at the Lotus Blossom Café (China): These are really yummy and good for a quick snack.

Tea Slushies at Joy of Tea (China): These are really good and so nice on a hot day.


Tonga Toast at the Kona Café (Disney’s Polynesian Resort): We try to get this every trip because it is so delicious and very filling!

The Kitchen Sink at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop (Disney’s Beach Club Resort): This is so much fun to eat because you get to try a lot of different flavors of ice cream. Make sure you share!

Afternoon Tea at the Garden View Tea Room (Disney’s Grand Floridian): I know this isn’t a specific food item but it is such a fun experience, so I put it on here anyway!

Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom

Milkshakes at the 50s Prime Time Café (Echo Lake): These are absolutely amazing. Best milkshakes I have ever had!

The Warm Colossal Cinnamon Roll at the Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery (Africa): I have not tried these yet but from what I have heard of them, I know they deserve to be on this list!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! And remember, I have just barely scratched the surface-there are so many other wonderful foods to try. So go get those Mickey ears, and have fun tasting your way through Disney!

See ya real soon!


What’s in my Disney Parks Bag? 

Hello, Disney Lovers! I am always the type of person to carry a purse or bag with me because I like to be prepared. One place I especially think is a good place to be prepared are the Disney Parks because you do not want to go back to the resort you are staying at just to get something. Today, I thought I would show you what is in my Disney Parks bag, so maybe it will give you an idea for things to bring! 

My Bag:

Excuse my dirty bag; it just needs a good wash(and no, it’s not really twisted like that). I got this cross-body bag at Disney Springs last year, and I think it is really cute! I don’t want to carry around a big purse or backpack, so this bag is the perfect size for me. It has a lot of compartments, so I find that it has a lot of places to put things in. It really just depends on the person on how big of a bag you need.  Here are the things I keep in my bag for when I am going to Disney: 

• Wallet

Even though my wallet was not meant for carrying phones, it holds my phone just perfectly. I have an iPhone SE, which is the size of an iPhone 5, so it fits easily. There are two compartments in my wallet, so I put my phone in one and my money in the other. 

• Cell Phone

This leads to my next point. Of course, you need your iPhone(or any type of cell phone you own) to use the MyDisneyExperience App, take a million photos, and make your friends and family jealous by posting photos on social media. Sometimes I even text them my photos. If I am at Walt Disney World(or Disneyland), you are going to be getting a lot of photos from me. Honestly, my friends have gotten use to the I-am-huge-Disney-freak type of thing. And my family. Well, most of them are Disney fans, too. 

• Hand Sanitizer 

I don’t know about you, but I won’t go to a Disney restroom just to wash my hands. The bathrooms are very crowded most of the time, and I like to save time. Before I eat or if I accidentally touch something gross, I just squirt some hand sanitizer on my hands, and I am good to go. 

• Mini Hairbrush  

When I am at the Parks, I do not want to get extra hot because of my long hair, so I prefer to put it up. My hair always gets a little messy, so I like to redo my ponytail with my mini hairbrush. 

• Sunglasses

I forget my sunglasses one time, and it was just awful. Try watching a parade without sunglasses to protect your eyes from the Florida sunshine. 

• Mini Makeup Bag

I bring smallish things with me, so I need a place to put them where I won’t lose them. Here are the things I bring in my mini makeup bag:

–  Ibuprofen

I always seem to get a little dehydrated on at least one of the days I am at Disney, so I find this a must because I get really bad headaches if I get dehydrated. 

– Extra Hair Tie

My hair ties always seem to break on me at the worst of times, so I like to have an extra. 

– Makeup

My makeup always seems to melt off my face, so if I get a chance to sit on a bench or if I go to a restroom, I like to touch up my makeup. I try to bring mini products. I usually bring blush, eyeliner, maybe concealer, and some lipstick because I feel like those are the products that come off the easiest. 

– Feminine Products

Honestly, nothing to say here because you just got to be prepared, so… 

That is pretty much everything I bring. You might be like what about sunscreen, but I usually put it on before I go to the Parks(and I don’t find a reason to reapply because I am naturally very tan, and don’t get sunburned often). One thing I would suggest to bring is a portable phone charger because my phone always seems to die on me because I am constantly on my phone. I just have never gotten the chance to get a portable phone charger, but I am definitely planning on buying one for my next trip. 

What is in your Disney Parks bag? 

Have a magical day!



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Beauty and the Beast Review from a Huge BATB Fan 

I had been waiting for March 17, 2017 for a LONG time. The moment I heard Disney would be making a live-action remake of my favorite Disney movie, I was so excited. It felt like forever until the day would finally come when it would come out. If you have been following my blog for a long time, you would know that I am obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. March 17 has finally came, and though I did not get to see it on opening day(I saw it yesterday), I am really excited to share my thoughts on the movie! 

Before I begin, I thought I would briefly state my opinions on other  live action Disney films. I loved Cinderella, I liked Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon was okay, and my opinion of Maleficent changes a lot(sometimes I do not like it while other times I think it is just okay).  I was expecting to love Beauty and the Beast. Did I? Here are my thoughts from the beginning to the end of the film….


Please note, that this is review has spoilers that could ruin your experience watching this film, so read on at your own risk. 


The Enchantress scene was a little different because it did not take place on a glass window, like it did in the original.  I liked how they made the Enchantress look when she was the begger woman, and I loved how they made her look when she turned into the Enchantress. The Beast transformation was really good! 

The song, Belle, I absolutely loved! It was sung beautifully by Emma Watson, and I think she did a wonderful job. I liked in this film how they made Belle an inventor rather than her father. She created a way that she did not have to hand wash her own clothes, and I just loved this change! And Gaston… Oh, I have no words. Yes, I am the kind of girl that finds Gaston very attractive, but I also hate him at the same time. I liked how in this film, he once fought  in the war, and I think that explains his personality a lot! Belle’s father was a little different since he was an artist, but he still had the same love for his daughter as he did in the original film. 

When Maurice stopped at the Beast’s castle, it was different. He warmed up by the fire, started to eat some food he found at the table, and then, got scared by Chip. He went outside and saw roses, and Belle asked that he get her a rose, so he did. The Beast was outside, and then, that is when he took Maurice as his prisoner. The Belle(reprise) song was really good, too! I loved Emma Watson’s singing voice! 

The Gaston song was amazing! I loved it, and I found it a lot better than the original song! It was really impressive, and I enjoyed it! Be Our Guest was good, too! I loved all the colors, and the singing was better than I thought it would be! After Belle cleans up the Beast’s wound because he gets attacked by wolves, they tell Belle that the Beast is under a curse, and about the rose. They did not say how to break the spell, but I really did not like it that they told Belle about this! I did like how they told Belle a little backstory to when he was a child, and it explains why he was so selfish. 

Soon after, just like the original, Belle is given the library, and Belle and Beast quickly start to fall in love. I loved Something There! At one point, Beast shows Belle something he was given to by the Enchantress that can take you to any place you want. Belle chooses Paris, where she was born. Here she finds out what happened to her mother, and why her father never talks about her. The ballroom scene was amazing, and the Beauty and the Beast song was good, too! Belle’s yellow dress was simple but beautiful. After the Beast lets Belle go, he sings a song called Evermore, which was so sweet and heartwarming! 

The Mob Song I found extra dark, and when Gaston killed the Beast, I found it extra dark, too, since he shot the Beast several times. It was very different when the last petal fell because all the enchanted objects turned into regular objects. I actually loved that they did that because you got to see the enchanted objects’ emotions. The woman from the village comes and turns the Beast into the Prince. The Enchantress was under another disguise. When all the objects and the Beast turn into human, it was quite magical. I loved Belle’s dress at the end ballroom scene! 

Now, it is time for my overall thoughts. Everyone was perfect for their role, but Emma Watson stood out to me the most. She was just perfect for the role of Belle, and she did a wonderful job on everything! I found Gaston a much more evil, and I hated him even more. Luke Evans did a wonderful job on being Gaston. I honestly have mixed feelings on the enchanted objects. I feel they could have done a way better job on the enchanted objects, but I did like the people that voiced them. I enjoyed how this movie had backstories for some of the main characters  that was one of my favorite things. For example, we learn what happened to Belle’s mother and why her father never talks about her. I loved all of the songs; they were amazing, and I have been obsessed with the soundtrack lately. This movie did not have a lot of  major changes, but I did not like how the enchanted objects told Belle how the Beast had a curse before the curse was broken. One positive change was they fixed the plot holes from the original,  and a lot of questions that were answered. 

Overall, I loved this movie! None of these negative things I mentioned above makes me dislike this movie. I enjoyed this movie so much despite its flaws! This movie was just as I imagined it would be, and I loved it!

Sorry that this review was a little long, but I wanted to talk about everything that came to mind. Now all I want is a LeFou’s Brew and to eat at Be Our Guest.  

Guest Post from Sitting in the Clouds: How To Cope with the Disney Blues 

Today, I have another guest post, and this time it is the blogger of Sitting in the Clouds, Rachel. Rachel not only blogs about Disney, she blogs about beauty, books, and lifestyle. Definitely go check out her amazing blog by clicking on the blue link above because it is amazing and so entertaining! Today, Rachel will be giving tips on how to cope with the Disney blues!

If any of you are like me, once you’re at Disney, you’ll never want to leave Disney. You’ll leave the parks for the last time, eyes blurry with tears as the parade music blares out of the speakers. You’ll get back to your hotel and have to pack up your things, you’ll step upon the Magical Express and that’s where the water works will start and you won’t be able to stop. Why? Disney creates so many magical memories that you can cherish forever. The sun never stops shining and Disney never stops bringing the magic. It’s the only place in the world that can make you feel like that and there’s no denying it, even my dad, finds it hard to leave Disney.

 My last trip to Walt Disney World was only in August 2016, so less than a year ago, yet I’m desperate to be back with Mickey and the gang. I want to take another selfie with Stitch and hug Baymax one more time. I want to wait an hour (plus) to ride Toy Story Mania and experience the thrill of Soarin’. I want to wake up at 6am ready to go to get to the parks as they open. I want to taste another Mickey Ice-cream sandwich and cinnamon bun at Gaston’s Tavern. I want to dance with Woody and his pals in the Move It, Shake It, Dance and Play It Street Party. Yes, for me Disney is only a holiday but in my heart it’s so much more and that’s why it’s so hard to leave it each time and it never get’s easier. And because of this I’ve become an expert at combatting Disney blues.

• Watch Disney Films – You can never go wrong with snuggling up with a hot chocolate…of course in your favourite Disney mug, mine has to be my 4 parks, 1 world mug, and watching your favourite Disney film. Sing a long with the songs, although my favourite Lilo and Stitch doesn’t really have any but Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride is a tune and just enjoy the Disney magic in another form other than being there.

• Blast Disney Tunes – If I’m having a hard day Disney songs always make me feel better. For example, the other day I spent just over 7 hours working on a uni project and once I’d finished at 8 o’clock at night, I jumped in the shower and had Disney songs on full volume. It was a wonderful celebration. Disney songs never fail me.

• Reminisce – My boyfriend and I love to look back on our trip together and will sit down and flip through all the pictures we took saying “remember this…” “OMG, I remember that..”. I also have a passion for film and editing, so I always film our trips and edit them when I get back, which is an incredible way to combat Disney blues, because three weeks after leaving Disney, I’m still reliving each moment through editing the holiday footage.

• Disney Vlogs – This is a sure way of combatting Disney blues but sometimes it can back fire if are in a really sad mood on a particular day as you may get major fomo. I love watching other people experience the Disney magic and have a few Disney vloggers/youtubers that I watch. That Sounds Fun are an english couple who vlogged their last trip daily. I binged watched them and they were amazing. In-between their trips, they do a TON of Disney related videos to help you plan your next trip or just experience more of the Disney magic from the comfort of your own home.

•  Plan Your Next Trip– Even if you can’t afford it or have no plans on visiting any time soon…like me, you can still plan. Write lists about rides you definitely want to experience, for me it’s going to Avatar Land in Animal Kingdom as I have never seen it before because it’s only just about to open. Make a check list of awesome food you want to try, maybe you still have yet to experience the “grey stuff”. If you’re a list maker like me, this is a sure way of combatting your blues.

•  Plan Your Dream Disney Vacation– Now this may sounds really similar to the last one but it’s not. Pretend you have unlimited funds, you could stay in a Disney hotel you’ve always wanted to stay at, for me it’s Disney Beach and Yacht Club Resort. Maybe you wish you could go all out and get the full dining plan of two table service meals a day. Just plan your dream vacation. For me though, it’s to experience all the Disneyland’s and WDW in one trip. Start in Disneyland Paris, and fly across the world and visit each one in turn. That would be my dream Disney vacation.

Of course there are many other ways of combatting your Disney blues, maybe just getting an annual pass if you live locally but for me that’s impossible. But I do have one final tip if you’re feeling extremely sad one day about not being in Disney…just look back over the trips you have experienced and remember them with a smile because not everyone can look back and reminisce and for them it’s just a dream waiting to come true. Be grateful you’ve been lucky enough to go, even if it was just the once because others may not be so lucky and may still be “wishing on a star” for that day to arrive. 

Of course none of these remedies will be better than being immersed in the magic at Walt Disney World, or any of the other ones, itself but it’s a little nudge and glimmer into the Disney magic you can experience from your own home.

Thanks for reading, I’ve been Rachel from Sitting In The Clouds, and if you couldn’t tell I’m a huge Disney fan. I hoped you enjoyed this blog post and I look forward to seeing you around.

See Ya Real Soon (of course said in Mickey Mouse’s voice because it doesn’t suit any other)

Guest Post from thatisthespell: Beauty and the Beast 

Today’s the day all of us Beauty and the Beast fans have been waiting for! The day that Beauty and the Beast comes out in theaters! In honor of this exciting day, today, Charlie from thatisthespell will be doing a post all about Beauty and the Beast! I would like to say before he begins, please, go check out his everything Disney blog because I love his blog, and it is pretty awesome! 


Hey guys! I’m Charlie from thatisthespell guest blogging about the impact of the infamous animated film Beauty and the Beast. I hope you enjoy!

 Today’s the day. It is the 17th March 2017, the day all of our dreams come true. Beauty and the Beast is finally out and I can’t wait to see it. As the film has just been released and I have been given the wonderful opportunity to guest blog for Natalie, I thought it would be apt to talk about Beauty and the Beast  as a feature film and the impression it has had.

The story of Beauty and the Beast  is timeless and is without a doubt one of the most well known animated features. I won’t bore you too much with the all-familiar story, but as an introduction, here it is in short. The main focus is the relationship that forms between the Beast, a prince who has been magical transformed into a monster as punishment for his selfish ways, and Belle, a young and open minded woman whom is imprisoned in his castle. To become a prince again, the Beast must win the love of another, or remain a beast forever.

 The movie became a global success, grossing $425 million worldwide. Our leading lady Belle was added to the Disney Princess line-up, further straight-to-DVD features were made, and there is a great deal of representation in the Disney parks. It won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy) and became the first animated film to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. It was a game changer for Disney, and as the National Film Registry nicely puts it, it was very much culturally, historically and aesthetically significant.


Attempts to make Beauty and the Beast were actually made way back when in the 1930s and the 1950s, but were given up and I personally think for the best as we would not have the film we have today. Linda Woolverton, a key player in the making of the film, was the leading screenwriter for the film. When interviewed in the early 90s, she spoke of having a feminist sensibility, relating to our Belle in the sense that she wanted to get out there and do things. Belle, as a character and as a woman, was to become one of Disney’s biggest role models, and for good reason. She is an independent heroine, who wanted more in life than just a hunky guy. It is clear throughout the entire film that she was made to be more than just a traditional damsel in distress.

Not only was Belle this brand new leading lady, but also the woman   behind her characterisation fought to shape Belle into a great role   model. Woolverton was the first woman to write an animated Disney film, and it is so fitting that it happens to be this one. It signifies everything about the Disney renaissance, this sense of a huge change and a change to be celebrated. In one scene, Woolverton wrote Belle sticking pins into a map, indicating all the places she wanted to visit. However, when it came to storyboarding, Belle had been rewritten into decorating a cake. I know, how cliché. Woolverton rightly protested, and a compromise was made. She had her nose stuck in a book.

This story highlights that even though Woolverton wasn’t winning every battle, it was still a victory for the character of Belle. For me, she signifies a better way of giving children, and especially young girls, a chance to have a positive role model. We currently live in a culture in which Disney female characters continue to have such an impact in our society. Belle was the forefront of this change. Even due to this compromise of a book-loving Belle, it meant so many girls could relate to her. I hear it all the time, I related to Belle, as she liked to read just like me, it is everything Woolverton intended.

 Originally, the film was going to be a non-musical film. Can you even imagine? But Disney chairman Jeffery Katzenberg had ordered that the film should be a musical, just like The Little Mermaid. Lyricist Howard Ashman and composer Alan Menken wrote the films songs, the film in fact dedicated to Ashman’s memory, dying eight months before the films release.          

With The Little Mermaid came the infamous ‘I want song’ and Part of Your World was truly iconic. However, I would argue that it was Beauty and the Beast that confirmed this trend of making Disney films into fully established musicals. The first song in the film is in fact my favourite. Ashman and Howard composed this crazy and long opening number, something that was really ambitious. It was absolutely loved by those working on the film. It wasn’t common to open an animated film with such a song, but Belle redefined that rule. The Little Mermaid was a test for this change, but Beauty and the Beast proved it could work. The song is an entire Broadway ensemble piece, where individualized characters come forward to sing their line in a big show-tune way. I love it and it carries on through the film. Big showstoppers such as Gaston and Be Our Guest were created to be big numbers. And then in comparison we have the sweet Something There as the romantic duet and of course the title song Beauty and the Beast.

The music of the film had a huge influence else where in the word, most importantly New York. Menken and Ashman created a mammoth musical animated film, going on to become a fully-fledged musical on the stage. It brought the influences of Broadway full circle, ending up where the animated film came from. It was the first animated film to be adapted into a musical, and it took Broadway by storm. Some were sceptic, but it appealed to the masses and was loved by many. The songs are so memorable and so worldly celebrated, winning Best Original Score and Best Original Song at the Academy Awards.

 For many, and with most Disney animated films, the songs become the soul of the film and this rings so true with Beauty and the Beast. It proves that by showcasing a whole cast of voice talents, rather than just one performer, it allows each song to hold their own, and any one of them could easily be considered as one of the greatest Disney songs to be made.

 The last thing I want to talk about and I feel is really important for the Disney community, is the impact the film has had in the Disney parks and through merchandise. It is a key way to get the films engrained in our memories and to perpetuate our love for them. We show our love for our favourite Disney films by buying certain products or by choosing our favourite attractions. I think as well, the success of the film can be seen within how well it does in terms of the media franchise it creates.


 We of course have the infamous Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage performed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It has a huge cult following and is a must see attraction across the entire Walt Disney World resort. Most recently we have had the Be Our Guest restaurant opening over in Fantasyland, which is arguably one of Disney’s most sought out places to eat whilst visiting the Magic Kingdom. I would definitely say it is much more represented over in Orlando, but most Disney parades and firework shows across the world do feature Beauty and the Beast quite heavily. I think with the release of the new film too, we are going to see a lot more of it, already seen at Anaheim with the new themed restaurant the Red Rose Taverne.

Just having this within the parks and the merchandise in our Disney stores is a key player for us hard-core fans. It allows us to show continuous love and support for a movie we fell in love with, and are still in love with. I could be biased, but my only memory from my first time in Walt Disney World is Beauty and the Beast related. At the age of 6, I was asked to come into the parade and hold one of the cakes for the Be Our Guest sequence. I was in complete awe. Annoyingly, it wasn’t caught on film like the rest of the holiday, but ironically it is the only thing I can truly remember. It wouldn’t be Walt Disney World for me without seeing something Beauty and the Beast related in the afternoon parade. It is pure nostalgia.

 Right, let’s wrap this up. It’s time to get punchy. Beauty and the Beast for me, occupies the post as the peak of Disney’s Renaissance period, proving to be completely brilliant and influential to this day. I think as a film it really does stand apart from Disney’s other modern hits, ultimately I think due to the late Howard Ashman. His shoes are hard to fill, and so is the legacy he left behind with Beauty and the Beast. His entire spirit can be felt within the film and it is arguably something that is missing in films that were released after.

 Creatively, culturally and musically Beauty and the Beast epitomises everything the Walt Disney Animations Studios had created between its Golden Age and to the present day. It holds both old-fashioned and modern aspects, and is more progressive than the Disney princess films of the past. It stands out because of a heroine who had more to her life than just the desire to meet a man and a male lead that is painfully flawed right up until the very end. It is an epic feature in its own right and I think the remake is only going to enhance that, proving Beauty and the Beast is one of the best Disney animated films ever created.

Thank you so much to anyone who took the time to read this. If you want to get to know me a bit more, make sure to check me out on the below.

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One Lovely Blogger Award 

I was nominated by Rachel from Sitting in the Clouds for the One Lovely Blogger Award, and I want to say a huge thank you to her! She is one of my favorite bloggers and has such an entertaining blog! She blogs about beauty, books, Disney, and lifestyle! Please, go check out her awesome blog and give it a follow! 

The Rules: 

•Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post

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•Then nominate 15 people

Facts About Me: 

 My natural hair color is brown. Back in December, I was tired of my boring brown hair, so I went to a salon to get it dyed. Now my hair is a balayage ombré, and I am kinda of obsessed with my hair. 

•  I have an addiction to tea. I don’t know about you, but I prefer tea over coffee any day. I drink hot tea every morning, and it really seems to wake me up. My favorite type of tea to drink is English Breakfast tea. And yes, I have a real addiction to tea. If I don’t have something with a lot of caffeine in it, I get a really bad headache. I also like drinking raspberry green tea at night. 

•  I could scroll through Pinterest for a couple hours. I love creating Pinterest boards and scrolling through Pinterest to find the perfect photo to add to my board. 

•   My favorite show from the 1950’s/ 1960’s is I Love Lucy.  There is nothing better than curling up on the couch in the morning to watch I Love Lucy while drinking hot tea from my favorite mug. That is pretty much my perfect morning. 

•   I can’t produce tears like most people can. I can get out a couple tears, but it is not the normal amount. To prove this fact, I went to an optometrist when I was a little kid, and I was told I could not produce tears like you are supposed to. I can get cry five tears at the most, but after that, I can’t get any more out.

•  I love planning things. I plan things on my notes app on my phone, in my goals journal, and my planner. I also love to pre-plan, too! 

•  I love organizing, but most of the time I feel pretty lazy. I would love to go organize my clothes or my makeup, but the truth is I am lazy a lot of the time. 

People I Tag:

I will be cheating a little bit because I will not be nominating 15 blogs, but I will be nominating these five blogs…

• Dreamers and Dancers

Lights, Camera, Disney

Sophie Samantha

Meg’s Magical Musings

Thoughts in Life 

Thanks once again to Rachel for nominating me for this award, and thank YOU for reading! 


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What Disney Means to Me

Ever since I was little girl, I have been fascinated with everything of the Walt Disney Company. I would watch my favorite movies over and over again, wear princess dresses, and enjoyed going to the Disney Parks (and still do, obviously). My first trip to Walt Disney World was when I was around one years old, and since then, it has become my favorite place in the entire world. 

 Some people who are not “Disney freaks” like me might find my Disney obsession a little weird because I am no longer a five year old. But the thing about Disney is that it is for people of all ages. People forget that Walt Disney created Disneyland, so everyone, little kids, older kids, and adults, could go have fun. I am here to tell you that Disney means so much more to me than just a theme park and movies. 

  Disney has taught me that you have to work hard to achieve things. Disney has taught me to go for my dreams and  to never stop believing in them. Disney has taught me to believe in myself, even when others do not believe in me. Disney has taught me to move forward. Disney has taught me many other things, but that may take awhile to say all of things. My point is that Disney inspires me. I know that sounds a little weird, but it truly does in every way possible. Each Disney movie has a theme, and usually those themes can help you with everyday life. 

Disney has brought me so much happiness, whether than means watching a new Disney movie or going to the Disney Parks. There is nothing better than laughing and crying while watching your favorite Disney movie. There is nothing better than singing along with the songs in a Disney movie.  There is nothing better than seeing Cinderella’s Castle as you walk down Main Street for the first time of your trip. There is nothing better than riding your favorite attraction over and over again. There is nothing better than spending time with your family members at Disney; everyone having a blast. There is nothing better than planning your next Disney trip the moment you get back from a Disney trip. 

 I have gone to Walt Disney World way too many times to count, two times to Disneyland in California, and someday, I hope I can visit all the Disney Parks all over the world. I will continue to watch Disney movies and visit Disney Parks no matter what my age. My dream is to one day apply to the Disney College Program, so I can make magic as a Cast Member at Walt Disney World. It is not my only dream, but I think it would be an amazing experience to work at Walt Disney World for a few months. Walt Disney is one of of my inspirations because he taught me to have the courage to pursue my dreams, and that is something everyone needs to pick up from. Sure, some people may find it weird that I am planning on working at Disney World, but that is okay. I know my family members will support my dream when that day comes when I can apply for the Disney College Program. I just have to go for my dream and work for it. And not only that dream, but my other dreams, too. 

  Everything I mentioned in this post is why I love Disney so much. Why I call myself a Disney freak. Why I watch more Disney movies than any other movie company. Why I can’t wait to go back to the Disney Parks, even though I have been many times. Yes, I am obsessed with Disney, and I am a teenager. 


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Guest Post from Lights, Camera, Disney: Creative Countdown to Disney 

Recently, I said I wanted to have some guest bloggers on my blog, and I got emails from a lot of people who wanted to guest blog on my blog. For the next few weeks, I will have a guest blogger  every other week. The first guest blogger is Amanda from Lights, Camera, Disney, and today, she is writing about creative ways to countdown the days until your Walt Disney World vacation! If you haven’t already, go give her awesome blog a follow by clicking on the blue link above! Along with her sister, she writes about everything Disney, including Disney vacation tips! Without further ado, here is Amanda’s guest post! 


For Christmas, we got another annual pass for Disney World! We are so excited to go again as it has been 3 years since our last visit. In honor of our upcoming trip in September, I wanted to share some fun things you can do to countdown to your own trip to Disney.


Day 15: Watch Tangled! My personal favorite movie!

Day 14: Paint a portrait or two. Add a few new paintings to your gallery!

Day 13: Write down what you want to ask Rapunzel.

Day 12: Watch Cinderella!

Day 11: Keep-a busy, Cinderelly! Help do the sweepin’, moppin’, and dustin’ around the house!

Day 10: Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! Dress up like you’re going to a ball.

Day 9: Watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

Day 8: Make up a dwarf name for everyone you love. Smiley? Pokey? Speedy?

Day 7: Learn the song “Heigh-Ho” to prep for a rollicking ride on Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train.

Day 6: Watch Alice in Wonderland!

Day 5: You’re late for an important date! Throw a tea party and wear a funny hat!

Day 4: Find that worried white rabbit-he’s hiding somewhere in your house!

Day 3: Watch UP!

Day 2: Earn your Wilderness Explorer badges: assist someone; go exploring; be kind to an animal.

Day 1: Tomorrow’s the day! Study a Walt Disney World Resort map and decide where to start on your magical vacation!

I hope your next Disney vacation is super magical and exciting! I can’t wait for mine.

Have a magical Disney day!



Disney Mug Collection  

I am obsessed with mugs, but not just any mugs. Disney mugs. It has become a tradition for me to get a mug every time I visit Walt Disney World, and right now, I have to admit that I have quite the collection for a beginner collector. My cabinets are a little too full with mugs, but if I had a choice, I would get rid of the plain mugs, and just keep my Disney mugs. We could see all the mugs I have, but I think my Disney mug collection would be a lot more interesting! 

Belle Mug:

Starting off, I thought I would show my Belle mug first! Of course, I have a Beauty and the Beast mug since I am a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast. On the back, it says “It’s hard to be a Beauty when mornings are a Beast,” which I think describes my mornings perfectly since I am definitely not a morning person! I used to have an Ariel mug that was like this mug expect it was Ariel themed, but sadly, it broke awhile ago. 

Chip Mug: 

I got the previous mug and this mug on the same trip, and that shows how obsessed I am with Beauty and the Beast. This mug is just so stinkin’ cute, and even though I have heard some people just use this for decoration, I sometimes drink out of it. If you  want to drink out of it, too, then, I would suggest you hand wash it. I love all the details on Chip!

2009 Disney World Mug:

I didn’t even buy this mug. My grandma just gave it to me one day. It is just a simple mug with Cinderella’s Castle, fireworks, and Mickey Mouse and a few of his gang.

Four Mugs on One Mug:

I love this mug because it has all the Disney World Parks on one mug. I love how all the colors look and the design. 

Starbucks You Are Here Magic Kingdom Mug: 

If you did not know, Starbucks has a You Are Here Collection for different cities all over the country, and they happen to have You Are Mugs for the Disney Parks! This is the first mug I got from the You Are Here Disney collection! These mugs include the icon for the Park and a few popular attractions. Side note: You can only get these mugs IN the Park you are in; you can’t get them at Disney Springs or at your hotel gift shop; you could order them on Ebay, Amazon, etc, but it is a lot cheaper to just buy them from the Parks.

You Are Here Epcot Mug:

If you are wondering why I included the Epcot mug under the Magic Kingdom mug, that is because I didn’t want to take two photos for each mug, so I decided to combine them. The Epcot one is probably my favorite out of the four.

Hollywood Studios You Are Here Mug:

I love how this mug reflects the Hollywood theme that I love of Hollywood Studios that is quickly fading away. Recently, they created a new version of this mug that has Maleficent in her dragon form.


Animal Kingdom You Are Here Mug: 

Even though Animal Kingdom is not my favorite Park, I wanted to have all the Disney World You Are Here Collection mugs. This was the last mug I got from this collection. I am not done there, however. At the moment, I am planning to go to California next year in the summer, and Disneyland Resort has their own version of the You Are Collection. So, I am planning to get both the Disneyland and California Advebture mug when I go to Disneyland Resort! 

Walt Disney Mug:

This is probably one of my favorite mugs. It has a faded picture of Cinderella’s Castle and Walt Disney walking beside it. Then, on the side, it says vision, and one of his quotes that says, “It’s kinda of fun to do the impossible.” There’s also Mickey heads on the side, too. 

Kylo Ren Mug:

This mug is my brother’s, but  I thought I would include it since it is a pretty awesome mug! 

Starbucks Travel Mug:

On one side, there is simply just the Starbucks logo, but when you turn it to the other side…  

Disney Resort Mugs:

I am not going to include a picture for this because they are sorta boring, but I thought I should include I do have a few of these.

Currently, that is my entire Disney mug collection, and I know I will not stop there! If you have any of the same mugs as I do, leave me a comment down below or tell me your favorite Disney mug! 

Have a magical evening!



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