Guest Post: Top 5 Dating Places for Disney Fans 

I have another guest blog post, and this time it is from Stefan! He’s going to be talking about the top five dating places in Walt Disney World for Disney fans!


If you love Disney and everything it represents and want to incorporate it into your love life, then you’re not alone. There are countless adult who love Disney just as much as children do, and so having some Disney magic in your life is something many people seek out when they meet people online, and when they look to plan a trip, date or outing with their loved ones.
  There are so many mixed families that visit any one of the resorts, whether it’s in California, Orlando or even Paris. Luckily for single parents who are now in couples with children from both sides, there are great babysitting services in a daycare type settings so parents can relax and enjoy a night out without the little ones, and experience a little Disney magic of their own. Like all of the resorts the parks offer romantic a la carte dining, which can bring some romance back in your night after a long day of being with the kids and enjoying the park and its activities.

 Whether you are looking for a place based on your favorite Disney animated classic, or a more formal seafood restaurant by the waterside, or a French restaurant inspired by your favorite Disney character, these parks have it all. We’ve decided to review the top 5 dating places for Disney fans in Orlando since it’s the biggest resort and has the most on offer, so take a look and see what tickles your fancy, since there is a whole new world of fun to be had with your partner. We chose the top five that have the best atmosphere and menu which would be perfect to celebrate an anniversary, an engagement, a birthday or even Valentine’s.

 1. Monsier Paul – This little secret is located in the Epcot center of the resort and is one of the most romantic restaurants that Disney has on offer. It’s a romantic French environment tucked away down an alley in the France pavillion, which offer great French cuisine in a more slow paced and romantic atmosphere. The bistro feel just adds to the ambiance.

 2.  Le Cellier Steakhouse- Located in the Canada section of Epcot, reservations literally need to be booked weeks in advance, since it’s so popular and the food is divine. It’s known for its infamous cheddar cheese soup, soft pretzel bread, and great steaks. After dinner, you can go outside of the restaurant and see the  fireworks that take place on the lake in the round called ‘Illuminations’ which is the best fireworks show that Orlando puts on. 

 3. Citricos – This is a Mediterranean gem, located in the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and they specialize in local flavors and fresh seasonal ingredients that will transport you to Europe instantly. They have amazing sumptuous risotto, braised veal shank, pan-roasted chicken and oak-grilled filet of beef. And if you’re still hungry, for dessert, you can have warm chocolate-banana torte or the tropical fruit crème brûlée. It’s heavenly.

 4. ‘Ohana – If you want fireworks over dinner, literally then this is the restaurant to visit for a romantic night full of explosions. Both flavor explosions and those full of love, it will inspire the romance in you. It’s located at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, and it specializes in Hawaiin and Chinese influenced dishes like lo mein and pot stickers, skewers of shrimp, pork, beef, and chicken with exotic dipping sauces. But it’s the view that’s to die for.

 5. Victoria & Albert’s – This is a true sample of dining luxury. It’s made for special occasions and over the top presentations. It’s the crown jewel of the resort and is located in Disney’s premier hotel,the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. The restaurant offers has a six-course prix fixe meal to be enjoyed and indulged in to the fullest extent.

 So, for those who meet people online and want to go somewhere special, before you plan your next date, consider the Orlando resort. And take into consideration our top 5 dating places for Disney fans, and make your night unforgettable.

  Be Our Guest is another great place to eat at for Disney fans! 


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