Another Disney Tag! 

Hello, Disney friends! I know I have done quite a few tags on my blog in the past, but what can I say? I really love doing tags, especially Disney tags! So, today, I am going to be doing this fun Disney tag that I found on a YouTube channel. First, I would just like to give a quick reminder that I will be doing a Q&A, so please, click on this link and comment a question if you haven’t. Now, let’s begin…

1. Favorite scene in a princess movie? Oh, this hard… All of them are so good. I would say either the lantern scene in Tangled or when Belle and the Beast start to fall in love. 

2. Last Disney movie you watched? Zootopia 

3. Is your family Disney obsessed? Well, they are not as obsessed as me, but they are still obsessed! 

4. How many times have you visited the Parks? I don’t even know how many times I have gone to Walt Disney World, but I am guessing at least 14 times. I do know I have gone to Disneyland twice, but in total, I have visited the Parks at  least 16 times. 

5. Which Park is your favorite? Magic Kingdom has always been my favorite. I find it the most magical! 

6. Cinderella’s Castle or Sleeping Beauty’s Castle? Cinderella’s Castle, of course! Sleeping Beauty’s Castle just doesn’t give me the same feeling as Cinderella’s Castle. While Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is cute and charming, Cinderella’s Castle is so much more! 

7. Favorite animal-themed movie? I would have said Lady and the Tramp awhile ago, but now, I have to say Zootopia! When I went to see it for the first time, I did not think I would love it so much! It really surprised me how amazing it was! 

8. Would you get married/have your honeymoon in the Parks? YES, of course, I would get married in the Parks! That would be so amazing! I’m not sure I would want to have my honeymoon at Disney, though since I want to go to a place I have never been before for my honeymoon. 

9. If you could date one of the characters, who would it be and why? Flynn Rider all the way! He is so funny and really attractive! 

10. Favorite villain? My favorite villain changes all the time, but right now, it is Gaston because of the live-action movie. Luke Evans makes Gaston even more attractive then the animated. 

11. If you could have two characters from two different movies meet, who would they be and why? I have to say Belle and Jasmine because Jasmine is tired of being trapped in her palace, and Belle is tired of her boring town. They both want someone to understand them, so I think they could relate to each other. 

12. Have you ever met any of the characters at the Parks? My family usually does not meet many characters, but we have met several before. When I was younger, we used to meet them a lot, but now we don’t that much anymore. We have had some really great character interactions. I met Gaston during my last trip in November of last year, and it was so fun to meet him!

13. Favorite live-action Disney movie? Beauty and the Beast! Everything was amazing, and I am way too obsessed! I am so excited it is coming out on DVD tomorrow! 

14. Mickey or Minnie? Mickey!

15. Which Disney movie is overrated? Frozen. Honestly, I got tired of Frozen the year after it was released. Don’t even get me started about how I feel about Disney  releasing Frozen 2 in a couple years… 

16. Favorite Pixar movie? Either the Incredibles or Toy Story 2! 

17. Favorite sidekick? Hmm… Probably Sebastian or Pascal

18. Favorite Disney movie and why? Do I really have to answer this one? I have mentioned this too many times on my blog, but it’s Beauty and the Beast, obviously! I have always felt like I could relate to Belle because of my yearning of adventure and my love of reading. I also love the theme of the movie! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and thanks so much for reading! I had fun answering these questions, and if you would like to see me answer more questions, please, leave me a question on the linked post. If you end up doing this tag, please, leave a link to your tag in the comments because I would love to see your answers! 

Have a magical day!



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15 thoughts on “Another Disney Tag! 

  1. Natalie says:

    Thank you! Haha, yeah, I think it will be an interesting movie to watch, but honestly, I feel like Disney should have just left Frozen how it was. It was a good ending, and I don’t feel like they should add on to the story😂

  2. Laura Jay says:

    That was a good read. A lot of my answers doubled up with yours as well. Also, glad I’m not the only one that thinks Frozen is overrated, I dare not say it out loud normally 😛

  3. Natalie says:

    Thank you! That’s awesome that you had some of the same answers as me! I’m glad someone agrees with me about Frozen! 😂 Thank you for the follow!

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