What’s in my Disney Parks Bag? 

Hello, Disney Lovers! I am always the type of person to carry a purse or bag with me because I like to be prepared. One place I especially think is a good place to be prepared are the Disney Parks because you do not want to go back to the resort you are staying at just to get something. Today, I thought I would show you what is in my Disney Parks bag, so maybe it will give you ideas for things to bring! 

My Bag:

Excuse my dirty bag; it just needs a good wash(and no, it’s not really twisted like that). I got this cross-body bag at Disney Springs last year, and I think it is really cute! I don’t want to carry around a big purse or backpack, so this bag is the perfect size for me. It has a lot of compartments, so I find that it has a lot of places to put things in. It really just depends on the person on how big of a bag you need.  Here are the things I keep in my bag for when I am going to Disney: 

• Wallet

Even though my wallet was not meant for carrying phones, it holds my phone just perfectly. I have an iPhone SE, which is the size of an iPhone 5, so it fits easily. There are two compartments in my wallet, so I put my phone in one and my money in the other. 

• Cell Phone

This leads to my next point. Of course, you need your iPhone(or any type of cell phone you own) to use the MyDisneyExperience App, take a million photos, and make your friends and family jealous by posting photos on social media. Sometimes I even text them my photos. If I am at Walt Disney World(or Disneyland), you are going to be getting a lot of photos from me. Honestly, my friends have gotten use to the I-am-huge-Disney-freak type of thing. And my family. Well, most of them are Disney fans, too. 

• Hand Sanitizer 

I don’t know about you, but I won’t go to a Disney restroom just to wash my hands. The bathrooms are very crowded most of the time, and I like to save time. Before I eat or if I accidentally touch something gross, I just squirt some hand sanitizer on my hands, and I am good to go. 

• Mini Hairbrush  

When I am at the Parks, I do not want to get extra hot because of my long hair, so I prefer to put it up. My hair always gets a little messy, so I like to redo my ponytail with my mini hairbrush. 

• Sunglasses

I forget my sunglasses one time, and it was just awful. Try watching a parade without sunglasses to protect your eyes from the Florida sunshine. 

• Mini Makeup Bag

I bring smallish things with me, so I need a place to put them where I won’t lose them. Here are the things I bring in my mini makeup bag:

–  Ibuprofen

I always seem to get a little dehydrated on at least one of the days I am at Disney, so I find this a must because I get really bad headaches if I get dehydrated. 

– Extra Hair Tie

My hair ties always seem to break on me at the worst of times, so I like to have an extra. 

– Makeup

My makeup always seems to melt off my face, so if I get a chance to sit on a bench, or if I go to a restroom, I like to touch up my makeup. I try to bring mini products. I usually bring blush, eyeliner, maybe concealer, and some lipstick because I feel like those are the products that come off the easiest. 

– Feminine Products

Honestly, nothing to say here because you just got to be prepared, so… 

That is pretty much everything I bring. You might be like what about sunscreen, but I usually put it on before I go to the Parks(and I don’t find a reason to reapply because I am naturally very tan, and don’t get sunburned often). One thing I would suggest to bring is a portable phone charger because my phone always seems to die on me because I am constantly on my phone. I just have never gotten the chance to get a portable phone charger, but I am definitely planning on buying one for my next trip. 

What is in your Disney Parks bag? 

Have a magical day!



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4 thoughts on “What’s in my Disney Parks Bag? 

  1. Marigold Sunjewel says:

    Great list, Natalie! 😀 Sunglasses are a total MUST!
    I basically pack the exact same items in my parks’ bag, too (cute bag, btw 😉 ), but I also bring a spare hair band in case my hair gets wet and I need to put my hair up (I have long hair, too), a mini bottle of contact solution, a small but powerful digital camera for high quality photos and videos (with an extra battery and SD card so I don’t miss any of the magic), sometimes an emergency poncho if it’s supposed to rain all day.

  2. Natalie says:

    Thank you! 🙂 yeah, I should totally bring a mini bottle of contact solution, too, because I heave sensitive eyes, so sometimes it causes trouble with my contacts! I really want to get a camera because I love photography!

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