Guest Post from Sitting in the Clouds: How To Cope with the Disney Blues 

Today, I have another guest post, and this time it is the blogger of Sitting in the Clouds, Rachel. Rachel not only blogs about Disney, she blogs about beauty, books, and lifestyle. Definitely go check out her amazing blog by clicking on the blue link above because it is amazing and so entertaining! Today, Rachel will be giving tips on how to cope with the Disney blues!

If any of you are like me, once you’re at Disney, you’ll never want to leave Disney. You’ll leave the parks for the last time, eyes blurry with tears as the parade music blares out of the speakers. You’ll get back to your hotel and have to pack up your things, you’ll step upon the Magical Express and that’s where the water works will start and you won’t be able to stop. Why? Disney creates so many magical memories that you can cherish forever. The sun never stops shining and Disney never stops bringing the magic. It’s the only place in the world that can make you feel like that and there’s no denying it, even my dad, finds it hard to leave Disney.

 My last trip to Walt Disney World was only in August 2016, so less than a year ago, yet I’m desperate to be back with Mickey and the gang. I want to take another selfie with Stitch and hug Baymax one more time. I want to wait an hour (plus) to ride Toy Story Mania and experience the thrill of Soarin’. I want to wake up at 6am ready to go to get to the parks as they open. I want to taste another Mickey Ice-cream sandwich and cinnamon bun at Gaston’s Tavern. I want to dance with Woody and his pals in the Move It, Shake It, Dance and Play It Street Party. Yes, for me Disney is only a holiday but in my heart it’s so much more and that’s why it’s so hard to leave it each time and it never get’s easier. And because of this I’ve become an expert at combatting Disney blues.

• Watch Disney Films – You can never go wrong with snuggling up with a hot chocolate…of course in your favourite Disney mug, mine has to be my 4 parks, 1 world mug, and watching your favourite Disney film. Sing a long with the songs, although my favourite Lilo and Stitch doesn’t really have any but Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride is a tune and just enjoy the Disney magic in another form other than being there.

• Blast Disney Tunes – If I’m having a hard day Disney songs always make me feel better. For example, the other day I spent just over 7 hours working on a uni project and once I’d finished at 8 o’clock at night, I jumped in the shower and had Disney songs on full volume. It was a wonderful celebration. Disney songs never fail me.

• Reminisce – My boyfriend and I love to look back on our trip together and will sit down and flip through all the pictures we took saying “remember this…” “OMG, I remember that..”. I also have a passion for film and editing, so I always film our trips and edit them when I get back, which is an incredible way to combat Disney blues, because three weeks after leaving Disney, I’m still reliving each moment through editing the holiday footage.

• Disney Vlogs – This is a sure way of combatting Disney blues but sometimes it can back fire if are in a really sad mood on a particular day as you may get major fomo. I love watching other people experience the Disney magic and have a few Disney vloggers/youtubers that I watch. That Sounds Fun are an english couple who vlogged their last trip daily. I binged watched them and they were amazing. In-between their trips, they do a TON of Disney related videos to help you plan your next trip or just experience more of the Disney magic from the comfort of your own home.

•  Plan Your Next Trip– Even if you can’t afford it or have no plans on visiting any time soon…like me, you can still plan. Write lists about rides you definitely want to experience, for me it’s going to Avatar Land in Animal Kingdom as I have never seen it before because it’s only just about to open. Make a check list of awesome food you want to try, maybe you still have yet to experience the “grey stuff”. If you’re a list maker like me, this is a sure way of combatting your blues.

•  Plan Your Dream Disney Vacation– Now this may sounds really similar to the last one but it’s not. Pretend you have unlimited funds, you could stay in a Disney hotel you’ve always wanted to stay at, for me it’s Disney Beach and Yacht Club Resort. Maybe you wish you could go all out and get the full dining plan of two table service meals a day. Just plan your dream vacation. For me though, it’s to experience all the Disneyland’s and WDW in one trip. Start in Disneyland Paris, and fly across the world and visit each one in turn. That would be my dream Disney vacation.

Of course there are many other ways of combatting your Disney blues, maybe just getting an annual pass if you live locally but for me that’s impossible. But I do have one final tip if you’re feeling extremely sad one day about not being in Disney…just look back over the trips you have experienced and remember them with a smile because not everyone can look back and reminisce and for them it’s just a dream waiting to come true. Be grateful you’ve been lucky enough to go, even if it was just the once because others may not be so lucky and may still be “wishing on a star” for that day to arrive. 

Of course none of these remedies will be better than being immersed in the magic at Walt Disney World, or any of the other ones, itself but it’s a little nudge and glimmer into the Disney magic you can experience from your own home.

Thanks for reading, I’ve been Rachel from Sitting In The Clouds, and if you couldn’t tell I’m a huge Disney fan. I hoped you enjoyed this blog post and I look forward to seeing you around.

See Ya Real Soon (of course said in Mickey Mouse’s voice because it doesn’t suit any other)


4 thoughts on “Guest Post from Sitting in the Clouds: How To Cope with the Disney Blues 

  1. mphadventuregirl says:

    Being at Disney makes you feel like a five year old. The last time I was at Disney, I was able to spend time at all four parks. I became a bigger fan of Disney during that trip

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