What Disney Means to Me

Ever since I was little girl, I have been fascinated with everything of the Walt Disney Company. I would watch my favorite movies over and over again, wear princess dresses, and enjoyed going to the Disney Parks (and still do, obviously). My first trip to Walt Disney World was when I was around one years old, and since then, it has become my favorite place in the entire world. 

 Some people who are not “Disney freaks” like me might find my Disney obsession a little weird because I am no longer a five year old. But the thing about Disney is that it is for people of all ages. People forget that Walt Disney created Disneyland, so everyone, little kids, older kids, and adults, could go have fun. I am here to tell you that Disney means so much more to me than just a theme park and movies. 

  Disney has taught me that you have to work hard to achieve things. Disney has taught me to go for my dreams and  to never stop believing in them. Disney has taught me to believe in myself, even when others do not believe in me. Disney has taught me to move forward. Disney has taught me many other things, but that may take awhile to say all of things. My point is that Disney inspires me. I know that sounds a little weird, but it truly does in every way possible. Each Disney movie has a theme, and usually those themes can help you with everyday life. 

Disney has brought me so much happiness, whether than means watching a new Disney movie or going to the Disney Parks. There is nothing better than laughing and crying while watching your favorite Disney movie. There is nothing better than singing along with the songs in a Disney movie.  There is nothing better than seeing Cinderella’s Castle as you walk down Main Street for the first time of your trip. There is nothing better than riding your favorite attraction over and over again. There is nothing better than spending time with your family members at Disney; everyone having a blast. There is nothing better than planning your next Disney trip the moment you get back from a Disney trip. 

 I have gone to Walt Disney World way too many times to count, two times to Disneyland in California, and someday, I hope I can visit all the Disney Parks all over the world. I will continue to watch Disney movies and visit Disney Parks no matter what my age. My dream is to one day apply to the Disney College Program, so I can make magic as a Cast Member at Walt Disney World. It is not my only dream, but I think it would be an amazing experience to work at Walt Disney World for a few months. Walt Disney is one of of my inspirations because he taught me to have the courage to pursue my dreams, and that is something everyone needs to pick up from. Sure, some people may find it weird that I am planning on working at Disney World, but that is okay. I know my family members will support my dream when that day comes when I can apply for the Disney College Program. I just have to go for my dream and work for it. And not only that dream, but my other dreams, too. 

  Everything I mentioned in this post is why I love Disney so much. Why I call myself a Disney freak. Why I watch more Disney movies than any other movie company. Why I can’t wait to go back to the Disney Parks, even though I have been many times. Yes, I am obsessed with Disney, and I am a teenager. 


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18 thoughts on “What Disney Means to Me

  1. Ruth101 says:

    This is such a beautiful post. Disney has given me so much and when you look back you realise how much and what it has done to your life. 🙂

  2. Natalie says:

    Yeah, we Disney fans agree on a LOT of things, hahaha! 🙂 Thank you so much; I will check it out soon, and publish it tomorrow/Wednesday! ❤️

  3. lalagirldiary says:

    Very well said ☺ I’m obsessed with Disney and I’m an adult! 😍 we even got married in EPCOT! Good luck with the DCP you’ll get there! 🐝🌻🐝 XxX

  4. Melissa says:

    Disney World is one of my favorite places to go also! You did a great job defining what makes it so!

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