Guest Post from Lights, Camera, Disney: Creative Countdown to Disney 

Recently, I said I wanted to have some guest bloggers on my blog, and I got emails from a lot of people who wanted to guest blog on my blog. For the next few weeks, I will have a guest blogger  every other week. The first guest blogger is Amanda from Lights, Camera, Disney, and today, she is writing about creative ways to countdown the days until your Walt Disney World vacation! If you haven’t already, go give her awesome blog a follow by clicking on the blue link above! Along with her sister, she writes about everything Disney, including Disney vacation tips! Without further ado, here is Amanda’s guest post! 


For Christmas, we got another annual pass for Disney World! We are so excited to go again as it has been 3 years since our last visit. In honor of our upcoming trip in September, I wanted to share some fun things you can do to countdown to your own trip to Disney.


Day 15: Watch Tangled! My personal favorite movie!

Day 14: Paint a portrait or two. Add a few new paintings to your gallery!

Day 13: Write down what you want to ask Rapunzel.

Day 12: Watch Cinderella!

Day 11: Keep-a busy, Cinderelly! Help do the sweepin’, moppin’, and dustin’ around the house!

Day 10: Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! Dress up like you’re going to a ball.

Day 9: Watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!

Day 8: Make up a dwarf name for everyone you love. Smiley? Pokey? Speedy?

Day 7: Learn the song “Heigh-Ho” to prep for a rollicking ride on Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train.

Day 6: Watch Alice in Wonderland!

Day 5: You’re late for an important date! Throw a tea party and wear a funny hat!

Day 4: Find that worried white rabbit-he’s hiding somewhere in your house!

Day 3: Watch UP!

Day 2: Earn your Wilderness Explorer badges: assist someone; go exploring; be kind to an animal.

Day 1: Tomorrow’s the day! Study a Walt Disney World Resort map and decide where to start on your magical vacation!

I hope your next Disney vacation is super magical and exciting! I can’t wait for mine.

Have a magical Disney day!



5 thoughts on “Guest Post from Lights, Camera, Disney: Creative Countdown to Disney 

  1. mphadventuregirl says:

    My last Disney trip was very different than an ordinary Disney trip. I went on the leadership experience where I got to take two leadership classes through the eyes of Disney and got to go behind the scenes and that was with my school. The rest of the time was spent at Disney and allowed to explore without the chaperones and I got to spend time at all four parks. I had character meals every night and had about twenty characters sign my autograph book. I got a “Let it Go” blue hat, animal print mouse ears, three stuffed animals, Disney shirt, Olaf mug, and for my autograph book and pen, got a Frozen themed book and pen at a Walmart everyone stopped at before arriving at a Disney resort

  2. Natalie says:

    That sounds like so much fun; it sounds like an amazing experience! What was the thing you found most interesting in the leadership classes?

  3. mphadventuregirl says:

    That is a tough question. The thing I found the most interesting was learning some of the secrets of Disney. I found a bigger appreciation which added to the magic even more

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