Disney Mug Collection  

I am obsessed with mugs, but not just any mugs. Disney mugs. It has become a tradition for me to get a mug every time I visit Walt Disney World, and right now, I have to admit that I have quite the collection for a beginner collector. My cabinets are a little too full with mugs, but if I had a choice, I would get rid of the plain mugs, and just keep my Disney mugs. We could see all the mugs I have, but I think my Disney mug collection would be a lot more interesting! 

Belle Mug:

Starting off, I thought I would show my Belle mug first! Of course, I have a Beauty and the Beast mug since I am a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast. On the back, it says “It’s hard to be a Beauty when mornings are a Beast,” which I think describes my mornings perfectly since I am definitely not a morning person! I used to have an Ariel mug that was like this mug expect it was Ariel themed, but sadly, it broke awhile ago. 

Chip Mug: 

I got the previous mug and this mug on the same trip, and that shows how obsessed I am with Beauty and the Beast. This mug is just so stinkin’ cute, and even though I have heard some people just use this for decoration, I sometimes drink out of it. If you  want to drink out of it, too, then, I would suggest you hand wash it. I love all the details on Chip!

2009 Disney World Mug:

I didn’t even buy this mug. My grandma just gave it to me one day. It is just a simple mug with Cinderella’s Castle, fireworks, and Mickey Mouse and a few of his gang.

Four Mugs on One Mug:

I love this mug because it has all the Disney World Parks on one mug. I love how all the colors look and the design. 

Starbucks You Are Here Magic Kingdom Mug: 

If you did not know, Starbucks has a You Are Here Collection for different cities all over the country, and they happen to have You Are Mugs for the Disney Parks! This is the first mug I got from the You Are Here Disney collection! These mugs include the icon for the Park and a few popular attractions. Side note: You can only get these mugs IN the Park you are in; you can’t get them at Disney Springs or at your hotel gift shop; you could order them on Ebay, Amazon, etc, but it is a lot cheaper to just buy them from the Parks.

You Are Here Epcot Mug:

If you are wondering why I included the Epcot mug under the Magic Kingdom mug, that is because I didn’t want to take two photos for each mug, so I decided to combine them. The Epcot one is probably my favorite out of the four.

Hollywood Studios You Are Here Mug:

I love how this mug reflects the Hollywood theme that I love of Hollywood Studios that is quickly fading away. Recently, they created a new version of this mug that has Maleficent in her dragon form.


Animal Kingdom You Are Here Mug: 

Even though Animal Kingdom is not my favorite Park, I wanted to have all the Disney World You Are Here Collection mugs. This was the last mug I got from this collection. I am not done there, however. At the moment, I am planning to go to California next year in the summer, and Disneyland Resort has their own version of the You Are Collection. So, I am planning to get both the Disneyland and California Advebture mug when I go to Disneyland Resort! 

Walt Disney Mug:

This is probably one of my favorite mugs. It has a faded picture of Cinderella’s Castle and Walt Disney walking beside it. Then, on the side, it says vision, and one of his quotes that says, “It’s kinda of fun to do the impossible.” There’s also Mickey heads on the side, too. 

Kylo Ren Mug:

This mug is my brother’s, but  I thought I would include it since it is a pretty awesome mug! 

Starbucks Travel Mug:

On one side, there is simply just the Starbucks logo, but when you turn it to the other side…  

Disney Resort Mugs:

I am not going to include a picture for this because they are sorta boring, but I thought I should include I do have a few of these.

Currently, that is my entire Disney mug collection, and I know I will not stop there! If you have any of the same mugs as I do, leave me a comment down below or tell me your favorite Disney mug! 

Have a magical evening!



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19 thoughts on “Disney Mug Collection  

  1. mphadventuregirl says:

    I have one Disney mug. I went to Disney last year with my school. We were only with our chaperones during the leadership classes and the rest of the time was spent at the parks as long as we were both someone. I have an Olaf mug, which is sitting in my dorm room

  2. mphadventuregirl says:

    On that same trip, also got a stuffed Sven, Mickey and Minnie, a t-shirt which represents all four parks and the music ears. Disney World will always be one of the best memories about college

  3. Natalie says:

    I haven’t done a character meal for so long! I was in Disney this summer, and there was supposed to be a storm, so we had to cancel our Akershus Royal Banquet Hall reservation, and I was so sad because we never found it again for the next day! That’s so fun, though! What character meal was your favorite?

  4. amcoope2 says:

    I love the Chip mug! My favorite mug is my Tigger one! I am convinced that beverages taste better when I’m drinking it out of my Tigger mug 🙂

  5. Natalie says:

    Thanks; I love it, too! It’s so cute! I think so, too, that beverages taste better out of your favorite Disney mug! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  6. Marigold Sunjewel says:

    Love your mug collection, Natalie! The Chip mug is too adorable 😉
    I sooooo want the Starbucks YouAreHere collection mugs!!! ❤ Do you know if they're still being sold in the parks?

  7. Natalie says:

    Thank you, Marigold! I know, right? I feel like Belle when I drink from him! 😉 Currently, they are still being sold in the Parks. One of my family members went to Disney World last month and got me the You Are Here Animal Kingdom mug! I assume they will be around for awhile, especially since they just updated the You Are Here Hollywood Studios mug! 🙂

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