Disney Chit-Chat #2: Latest Movies, Beauty and the Beast Final Trailer, and More! 

  I hope everyone had a great start to their week! I have a lot of things I want to talk about with you all, so today’s post is going to be another Disney chit-chat! This time I actually have a lot more to talk about, so I hope this post will be a lot more interesting! 

First off, I am going to start off with a mini review of Moana. I do not want to be know as the Disney blogger who always likes every Disney movie (though I do not), but I really enjoyed watching Moana! It was a great. I liked the soundtrack, I loved the characters, and I loved the plot.  Moana is about Moana  going on adventure, sailing on the ocean, to fulfill her ancestors’ quest they never got to finish. With help from demi-god, Maui, she sets out to complete this quest. I am not going to spoil the movie, but I loved Dwayne Johnson’s voice as Maui; he was absolutely hilarious! I also thought that Moana’s sidekicks, a chicken and pig, were funny, too. I loved Moana because I loved her  determination to complete this quest! She is definitely a wonderful role model for little girls because she never gives up, even when no one believes in her. Tangled still remains my favorite newest princess movie, but once again, Disney created an amazing princess movie to inspire people of all ages!

 I went to the movies expecting   Rogue One to be just okay, but I came out pretty impressed. If you did not know, Rogue One’s plot is in between Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Smith and Star Wars 4: A New Hope. This movie helped explained everything of the Death Star, and I think it was a good movie, overall. The only downside was some of the characters seemed a little rushed, but I liked Jyn and Cassian.

Now I am going to talk about a new book from Disney Press that is coming out in October this year! Serena Valentino has this Disney villain book series that tell the backstory of the villains from their perspective. So far in the series, there are three books, Fairest of All, The Beast Within, even though the Beast isn’t a villain, and Poor Unfortunate Souls. All the books in the series are connected, so it’s really cool! Mistress of All of Evil, which is about Maleficent, of course, is coming out on October 3 this year, and I am very excited! I am hoping this backstory will make a lot more sense than Maleficent’s backstory in the movie, Maleficent, but overall, I am very excited for this book! If you are a Disney fan, I definitely recommend to check out her books; she definitely adds twists to her books, so that is another reason why I love them. To view her website and  to see updates and information about her other books, click this link: www.serenavalentino.com

 All of my readers probably know that Beauty and the Beast is my absolute favorite Disney movie ever, so you must know that I was thrilled when I heard Disney was making a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast! Recently, Disney released a final trailer of the movie, and I was literally (and I mean LITERALLY) freaked out when I saw the trailer! I love Ariana Grande’s and John Legend’s version of Tale as Old as Time in this trailer, and I can already tell I will love this movie! The thing I didn’t like about this trailer is that they already showed us they changed this movie a bit. In the trailer, Belle is asking about the rose, and Lumiere tells her what happens when the last petal falls off. If you watched the animated version, you would know that is NOT how it goes, and Belle does not even know about the spell until she breaks the spell. I was a little disappointed about that, but honestly, I just cannot wait to go see this! When I saw this trailer,  I could not hold in my excitement! Go watch this trailer by clicking HERE! Definitely expect a full on review of this movie after I see it because I have been waiting so long for it, and I am SO excited! I am planning on it seeing it over my spring break and buying the soundtrack to the new movie! 

 Lastly, I thought I would briefly talk about my upcoming Disney vacations! Right now, I do not have any Walt Disney World vacations planned,  but I may be going to California in the summer of 2018. Of course that means I would go to Disneyland and California Adventure! My Disney plans are always changing, so I do not know what is next in store for my Disney traveling, but that is okay. I have not been to Disneyland Resort for quite sometime now (about five years), so that will be fun when I go to California. 

I hope you enjoyed my random ramblings of everything Disney! Let me know your thoughts of the things I talked about in this chit-chat. Also, leave me a comment if you want to see more Disney chit-chats in the future. Thanks for reading! 

Have a magical evening!


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14 thoughts on “Disney Chit-Chat #2: Latest Movies, Beauty and the Beast Final Trailer, and More! 

  1. Katie's Keys says:

    You must be so excited to go to Disneyland in CA! The Indiana Jones ride is a fav of mine! It’s similar to Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom. I’m super pumped for Beauty and the Beast! I watched the animated film again just the other day in preparation. The only thing I don’t get is why Belle has a British accent when she’s French?😜 I know Emma Watson is British but it’s just kind of funny. I’m sure it’ll still be a cool movie tho!

  2. Natalie says:

    I really am because it’s been such awhile since I was there! I went there twice before; once when I was maybe two or three and one time in 2012! I have heard that before! I can’t wait to see all the new things they have since I have last been there! Have you heard they replaced Tower of Terror with Guardian of the Galaxies in Disneyland? Hope they don’t do that in WDW! Actually, this will shock you as much as it shocked me, but Emma Watson isn’t British. She is French, but when she was very young, her family moved to Britain, and she picked up the accent! Isn’t that cool? 🙂

  3. Katie's Keys says:

    Really?? Never knew that. She still has that British accent which is a bit different for belle, but it’s easy to overlook. This is actually going to be my first time seeing her in a movie other than Harry Potter so that’ll be interesting. And YES! Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy? It’s like my all time favourite movie! The second one is coming out in May!!! Wether your into Marvel (which i most definitely am) or not you should see that movie. Im not sure if the tower of terror ride is staying the same and they’re just changing the theme of if the ride is changing too. I’m hoping the ride is changing as I’m not a fan of TOT. But as much as I LOVE guardians I hope they don’t do that in WDW either since tower of terror is so iconic. Do you like the Marvel movies?

  4. Natalie says:

    I haven’t seen Harry Potter before, so this will be my first time seeing her act! But I love her already, and follow her on Instagram, haha! I haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy, but that sounds cool! No, not really; it’s not really my thing. Don’t know if this counts but I like Spider Man; like the ones that came out in the early 2000s. Do you know if those are Marvel? I tried to watch a recent Marvel, but it didn’t really hold my attention. I think Guardians of the Galaxy would be fun, though!

  5. Katie's Keys says:

    I took my best friend to guardians. Now first of all she doesn’t like movies (I’m a complete movie nerd) she likes reading. And on top of that she really isn’t in to sci fi action. She doesn’t like Star Wars! She loved guardians tho. It’s her fav movie now. It’s hilariously funny and is really just amazing. Who doesn’t love a talking raccoon. I didn’t really like marvel either at first. I watched them with my brother but wasn’t super interested. And then I saw the first Avengers and I was hooked. I absolutely love it now. No, those Spider-Man movies are Sony. The newer ones the Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield are marvel tho. And the newest Spider-Man played by tom holland is incredible in my opinion. He’s introduced in Captain America: Civil War. If the recent marvel movie your talking about was either Dr Strange or Civil War, please go back and watch a different one. Civil war would be incredibly confusing if you haven’t seen any of the previous instalments and dr Strange was just… well, strange😉. Seriously tho starting out with the latest movies of you haven’t seen any of the previous ones is like starting half way through a book. The beginning would be the best place to start with the first Iron Man (the first marvel movie made) or the first Avengers. Those ones are simpler and you’ll probably get into it more if your just starting out. But guardians doesn’t really tie in with the avengers so you can watch it and enjoy it now. Let me know how you like it!!

  6. Natalie says:

    Wow, that’s awesome your friend likes it now! Thanks for the tips for Marvel movies! I will definitely be look into them soon; I really want to watch Guardians of the Galaxy and the Iron Man movies!

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