My Experience on Disney Property: Part 1 

Hello, Disney Lovers! Today, I am finally bringing you all a much promised post! I have been telling you readers that I would publish some posts about my latest trip to Disney in November for about two months now. This trip was my first time I ever stayed on Disney property, so I thought I would write about it from the planning to transportation to the resort itself! 

First off, I am going to talk about the planning process. First, we booked our flight and then our room. We stayed at the Caribbean Beach, which is a moderate resort.  After you book your room, if you are flying and planning on using the  transportation from the airport to your resort, you have to say when your flight is arriving, your flight number, and other things I do not quite remember, but it was pretty simple. If you are using the Magical Express, they will later send you this thing to put on your luggage, so Disney will know what resort and room to send your luggage to. The luggage paper slip thing or whatever it is called comes a few weeks before you arrive. Next, we ordered our Disney tickets and customized our MagicBands. We started looking for dining reservations, and to my surprise I actually found the number one reservation I wanted, Be Our Guest at the Magic Kingdom. It was such a surprise because we literally planned this trip a little less then three months in advance. Then, we made our FastPasses, and we actually did not do it at the 60 day mark to when we were going to the certain Disney Park.  We did it at 63 or 64; if you are staying on property, you can actually just add how many days you are staying to 60, and that’s when you can make your FastPasses(Please, note you do not have to make it at the time. You could do it at 60, 50, 40, etc). I forget when, but at some point, this little packet came to tell us about tips for planning our vacation, things for us to see while we are there, and all about our trip. It was really fun and exciting! It even had our last name on the front; it said (last name)  family’s incredible vacation on the front with the Incredibles, of course! The number one exciting thing of our ‘Disney mail’ was when the MagicBands came! I got so excited! 

We had no trouble whatsoever getting on the Magical Express at the airport. It was such a fun ride because they had little TV screens playing a fun video of things to see and do while at Disney,  behind the scenes, Disney artists drawing, and Disney trivia. It did take awhile, though, for us to get to our resort since there were two other resorts for dropping off. Once we got there, we had to check in. We also came up with a pin/password for our MagicBands, so we could buy things via our MagicBands. Then after that, we had to ride a shuttle, which took so long, to go to our “island”(Each section where there are rooms here is called a Caribbean island). Our luggage took forever to get to our room. It took so long, and it was very annoying. 

I do not want this post to be too long, so I am going to do a part two to this about the Disney transportation bus to the Parks and Disney Springs, the things to do at the resort, our room, and our ride back to the airport. I hope you enjoyed part one, and keep a look out for part two coming soon! 

Have a magical day! 



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6 thoughts on “My Experience on Disney Property: Part 1 

  1. mphadventuregirl says:

    The last time I was at Disney, I stayed on the property at the All Star Sports Resort. I went with my school and it wasn’t just an ordinary Disney trip. We went on a leadership experience and through two classes, we learned about leadership through the eyes of Disney and got some backstage tours as well.

    The rest of the time spent at Disney was spending time at the different parks and we were allowed to go without chaperones. It took some time to figure out the fast passes and the meals as well. Every day because I was on a meal plan, I got to have character dinners everyday. I felt like a five year old during my trip at Disney this time around

  2. Marigold Sunjewel says:

    Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to read more 😀
    My family and I stayed at Caribbean Beach back in 2009, and it was so relaxing yet vibrant! I’m curious to hear more about your experience to see what all has changed 😉

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