DIY Disney Costumes for Halloween 

Whether you are going to a costume party, giving out candy for little trick or treaters, or you’re still young enough to be a trick or treater yourself, this post is for you, no matter how old you are. Let’s be honest here because no one wants to spend a lot of money on a costume that they will only wear once(unless you are a little kid, of course). You can simply make your own costume for 10 dollars or less. Here are five DIY Disney costumes that won’t take that long at all! 

Mickey or Minnie Mouse:  You will need a black shirt, red shorts or a red skirt, black pants or tights, a superglue gun, scissors, white paper, and the materials to make a Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears if you do not already have your own pair. First, just cut out a few circles out of the white paper and then glue them on your shorts or skirt with a superglue gun. This costume is just so simple but adorable. If you want, you can draw a little mouse nose on your nose. I have included an image from Pinterest on how to make your own Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears. 

This photo was found on Pinterest

Mary Poppins: For this, you need a  white blouse, a black skirt, black tights, black shoes, a hat(totally optional), a red ribbon, a superglue gun, and of course, a bag similar to her famous bag. Simply take the ribbon, tie it in a bow, and then glue to the top of your blouse. You could even grab an umbrella for the finishing touch.

This photo was found on Pinterest

•Darla from Finding Nemo:  For this  one, you will probably have to go to the store to get a lot of the items, but I think it is worth it, overall.  You will need a purple sweater, a white polo shirt, a plaid skirt, fake braces, wire, two ponytail holders, a fake fish, a clear plastic bag, a twist tie, and knee socks if you want to look extra nerdy.  Put your hair in two ponytails, and you are good to go. 

This photo was found on Pinterest

Disney VHS: This one is easier than you think. You will need a big cardboard box, a knife, and markers. For this, you want to cut out all of the bottom where you would put your legs, a big enough hole that you can put your arms through, and then a space for your head. Lastly, you can decorate and write your favorite classic movie on the front of the box.

This photo was found on Pinterest.

Mike Wazowski: You will need a green t-shirt, green, white, and black felt, scissors, and a superglue gun. Just cut out a big circle in white felt, a smaller  circle in green felt, and then an even smaller circle in black felt. The last thing you need to cut out is a smile in black felt. Lastly, glue the felt on the green t-shirt.  

This photo was found on Pinterest.

You could always just do some simple Disney-bounding if all else fails. 


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