Dreams Can Come True

I believe in how dreams can actually come true. Thanks to Walt Disney I believe that. You have to never give up on your dream. You not only have to believe in your dream, but you have to work hard to make your dream a living reality. 

When you watch a Disney movie, there is a protagonist who has a dream. That character wants something, and we see how that character pursues their dream. Like how Rapunzel found help from a thief. Like how Ariel found help from a sea witch. Like how Cinderella found help from a fairy godmother. The list goes on, but there is one thing all those characters have in common: They were determined! To make your dream become a reality, you have to be determined!

Some people do not believe in dreams, but dreams really can come true if you work hard enough for it. In life, you cannot just sit around; you have to work for your dream to become a reality. Dreams can come true. You just have to set your goals to accomplish that dream, be determined to make that dream a reality, and then work for it.

 If you have doubt that you cannot accomplish your dream, think of Walt. The entire Walt Disney Company is here because of a man and a cartoon mouse, but if Walt was not determined or gave up when he was having trouble,  we would not have the Walt Disney Company today. Thanks to little Mickey Mouse we can enjoy the Disney films and Disney Parks. Remember that “it all started with a mouse.” 

Have courage, be determined, believe in your dream with all your heart, and work for it, so you can go live that dream! Dreams can come true, but we must have the courage to pursue them. 


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