Disney and Pixar Short-Film Festival Review 

As I am dreaming to go back to Disney, I thought it would be a good time to give a review for something I got do during my latest vacation to the most magical place on earth! This attraction, Disney and Pixar Short- Film Festival, is new, in general, and is quite fun! I was not sure if I would have time to see this attraction during my vacation, but to my surprise, I did.

This attraction is located at Epcot in Future World, and it replaced “Captain EO,” which I have to admit, I was not a fan of.  The Film Festival attraction is a 4D showing of three Disney and Pixar short-films that includes “Get a Horse,” For the Birds, and La Luna. Even though I already saw all of those short-films, they were all super fun to see! This attraction is 18 minutes total.

 You are not just watching a couple short-films because  there are a few effects like motion or getting a little wet at one scene! I noticed that this attraction is comparable to  PhilharMagic in the Magic Kingdom, but at the same time, both attractions are very different. 

While you are waiting, in this pre-room basically, you get to watch some Pixar animators discuss making shorts , and it is really interesting! Speaking of waiting, I would not recommend a FastPass for this attraction because there are no lines, but of course, you may have to wait for the next showing of the attraction.

I really enjoyed seeing this attraction, and it was very entertaining! The Disney and Pixar Short-Film Festival is perfect for all ages, and not to mention, you get to sit down during this show, AND it is air-conditioning!  I would definitely recommend to check out this show during your visit to Disney!

If you have seen this attraction, what do you think of it? Stay tuned for more Disney reviews! 


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