Disney Characters vs You 

Let’s be honest here because all of us Disney fans dream we had the life of a Disney character.  Who wouldn’t want to be a hero, be swept off their feet by their true love, and break into songs 24\7?  Plus, add happily ever after to all that jazz, and you are living THE life! But, then, there is reality, and that is a totally different story… Have you ever compared your life to a Disney character’s? Well, that is exactly what I am doing right now!


•Disney Characters: Are totally a morning person. So positive, and literally jump out of bed. 

•You: Just want to drink four cups of coffee. * threatens people if they do not leave you alone.*

(Alright, way to dramatic, but you get my point.)

•Disney Characters: Look perfect right when they wake up in the morning. Don’t have to take time to get ready.

•You: Look like you did not get a good night’s sleep. Have to take time to get ready. 

Crushes\ Love 

•Disney Characters: Crush instantly  starts talking(or singing) to the character, and they both fall in love with each other.

•You: Crush does not even know you exist or does not want to admit it. 

Singing in public 

•Disney Characters: Other people start singing with the character.

•You: People stare and think you’re a weirdo.

How to look at things…

Disney Characters: Are always smiling, and always being  positive.

•You: Try to be positive, but you cannot be positive all the time(REALITY!!!).

When in trouble…

Disney Characters: Think of a plan, completes the plan, defeats the villain, and saves the day.

•You: Run away as fast as you can! 


Disney Characters: Wonderful with them; animals love them. Can talk to animals.

You: May or may not be scared of animals; not always the greatest with animals.


This post was a little different than other posts I write, but it was really fun! I hope everyone enjoyed it, and you can relate to some of these situations. Tell me in the comments what situation relates to YOU the most! 

As always, have a magical day!


Contact me: disneyfreakwithabitofmascara@gmail.com


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