Walt Disney World Haul: June 2016!

Hello, Disney Lovers! I  don’t know about you, but before I go to Walt Disney World, I love watching Disney hauls on YouTube!  Even though blog post hauls are not as fun as hauls on YouTube, I still think it is fun! Since I went to Disney last month, I bought a few merchandise at the most magical place on earth, and I would like to show you all what I got! Here is my Walt Disney World haul for June 2016:

The first thing I got was this adorable mug! It has become a tradition for me to get a Disney mug every time I visit! This mug has every Walt Disney World Park on it, as well as a couple of the main attractions from each park! I love how this mug looks! I was not quite sure what mug I wanted to get, but when I saw this mug, I knew I had to get it!

imageMy regular Disney bag I use for the Disney Parks or whenever I go on an airplane was a little worn out, so it was time for a new Disney purse.  Plus, what Disney fan does not want to add a bit of Disney style to their everyday style? Since I tend to switch up my purses and bags a lot, I did not want the bag to be too expensive. I saw this black purse with neon Mickey’s all over it. It was only 25 dollars(which is hard to find a purse that price at Disney), AND it is super cute and had a lot of places to hold stuff in! So, of course, I had to get it! I l have been using it a lot lately, and I cannot wait to use it in the Parks next year when I visit!


My family does not stay on Disney property when we visit, but we planned out an entire day of exploring the Disney resorts! We ate two meals at the resorts, so we decided to get those Disney resort mugs that you can use during your entire stay with only paying once (You can only use them at the resorts). Lately, I have been loving drinking my water or ice tea in them!


The next thing is a kitchen idem. At Disney Springs, my mom and I saw salt and pepper shakers shaped themed  like Disney trash cans! I know that sounds very cheesy, but they are too adorable that we had to get a couple! We got the It’s a Small World and Main Street trash can. Though they haven’t been used yet, I cannot wait to use them! 


The next two things are small idems. While at Germany in Epcot, we went to the bakery to get some caramel popcorn. My family saw some candy called Mamba there, so we decided to try them! I got both strawberry and lemon, and they were tasty!


We had just finished our shopping at the World of Disney at Disney Springs, and I saw a pressed penney machine. I got a Snow White and the Prince pressed penney. I don’t think I want to start a collection of the pennies, but it was fun to get one!


I hope you enjoyed reading my Disney haul, and  tell me in the comment section what are some Disney merchandise you like to get at Walt Disney World (or Disneyland)!

Have a magical day!



9 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Haul: June 2016!

  1. Natalie says:

    Thank you! 🙂 That’s so cool! I want to start collecting ears! I only have the original Minnie Mouse ears from Disney World and then some Belle ears from Etsy! I’m glad you enjoyed!

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