Monorails, Resorts, and Fireworks: Walt Disney World Trip Report, Part 3, Part 1

Hello, Disney Lovers! I hope all my US followers had a great Fourth of July! I am sorry I have not been blogging a lot lately; I have just been very busy recently! Welcome to part three of my trip report for my latest Disney vacation! If you missed part one, click HERE, and if you missed part two, click HERE!

Day Four: Epcot


The bag-check for getting into to Epcot took so long! There was this one guy who just slowly checked things, and he was  spending one to two minutes on each bag. He was moving almost as slow as the sloths from Zootopia, so it was very annoying. We switched to a different line and quickly made it through.

The plan was to go straight to Test Track since we did not have a FastPass, but it was already really long line for standby. Some of my family members went to go meet Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy while the rest of us, including me, did the single-rider line for Test Track. It was only a 10 minute wait, and the line goes a lot faster than the FastPass line.
Tip: When you are making FastPasses, I would recommend to get a FastPass for Soarin’ and then use the single-rider line for Test Track(because you have to choose between one or the other at the moment). 


After quickly going through the single-rider line, we met my other family members at the Starbucks there. Next, we all went to Club Cool where you can sample different colas all over the world;  there is also coke merchandise. Beverly, the cola from Italy, is absolutely the worst one out of them all!

Next, we had to make our way to Spaceship Earth because we had a FastPass! Sadly, our pictures of us did not appear on the screen in the vehicle on Spaceship Earth! Despite that, I really liked this attraction, as always! 

Even though these are not Spaceship Earth photos, here are some other photos I took:



Then, we made our way to the World Showcase. Before getting some lunch, we rode Gran Fiesta Tour Starring Three Caballeros in Mexico. For lunch, we ate at La Cantina de Angel, which I definitely recommend!





My younger sister(who is under the age of eight)  had this “great” idea to eat her lunch in a high-chair. When it was time for us to leave, she could not get herself out.  By then, Cast Members came to help, but they could not get her out. Then, the manager of the restaurant came. He had to call some people to get her out, and they finally did. Everyone was so nice, and they even gave us a FastPass for Test Track and my sister a free beverage. Everyone was clapping when my sister got out, and it was pretty embarrassing but funny at the same time!

After that situation, we were headed toward the China pavilion. Before going there, I snapped a couple pictures of the Norway pavilion (The new Frozen ride was, sadly, not open when we went).



In China, we went to see the next showing of Reflections of China. It was very cool and interesting, as always.




We made our way to the Seas pavilion for our next FastPass of the day, Turtle Talk with Crush, which was completely a waste of a FastPass(It did not help at all; we just went in the waiting room for the show where everyone else was). Anyway, I always think this show is funny and entertaining, and since Finding Dory was coming out soon, they had some of the characters from the new film!

I was planning on finishing my trip report in this post, but I do not want it to get too long, so I will write a part two to this! Stayed tuned! °o°

Have a magical day!



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