Monorails, Resorts, and Fireworks: Walt Disney World Trip Report, Part 2

Hello, Disney Lovers! Welcome to part two of my Walt Disney World trip report! If you did not get to read part one, click HERE! Sorry it has been a little while! I was planning to upload this post a couple days after I uploaded part one, but I was having some problems with this post (I wrote a lot of it, and then I got out of it, and the whole post just disappeared! It even happened a second time, so I was a little mad). Without further ado, let’s see what I was doing on day three of my Disney vacation!

Day 3: Disney Springs

I want to thank Orlando for giving the best weather ever this day…! Well, not really! My family’s original plan was to go to Epcot this day, but there was supposed to be a big storm. We decided to go to Epcot the next day, but I was really bummed because we had a breakfast reservation for Akershus Royal Banquet Hall(My family was not able to find another reservation). I mean what teenager does not want to dine with the princesses? Okay, not everyone, but I love meeting them, and this way I did not have to wait in a huge line to meet to do so. Plus, I have heard the food is really good.

(Today, we just decided to go to Disney Springs for a while. The weather was really nice until around two o’clock.)

After getting some breakfast, we went to Disney Springs. First, we just walked around and went inside of the “tent” shops if that is what you want to call it.  It was very peaceful compared to the World of Disney and stores like that.




When we went to Disney Springs the day before to get on the Disney transportation buses, I saw a Sephora store, so I knew I had to come back sometime during my vacation to look. I spent a little while just looking at everything they have there. Disney Springs now has a MAC store, but I was more interested in looking at Sephora.


imageimageWe went to the Lego store since some people in my family like Lego. I would like to mention that Disney has changed the outside of it now. Instead of yellow on the outside of the store, it is a greyish color now.

Next, we went to the World of Disney to get some merchandise. Even though I have been in this store countless times, I love looking around at all the merchandise they have there. 


I was excited to look at the Marketplace Co-Op since I had never been in there before. They had some really cool Disney t-shirts I never had seen before, accessories, kitchen idems, travel idems, and things like that! They even had beautiful Disney paintings! I definitely suggest to look at this store
if you have never been.






Then, we went to Goofy’s Candy Shop. Can I just say how much I LOVE the smell of this shop?! All I really want to do is get a jar and put the scent in a jar! Seriously… I wish I could do that!


Later, it was time for some lunch. We ate at Cooke’s of Dublin, which is an Irish-themed restaurant. I was not wanting fish and chips at the moment , so I just got a burger and chips.


We got some dessert after lunch. We went to Sprinkles, which recently just opened, and it smelled amazing, and the food looked amazing(I wish I got something, but I decided on Ghirardelli ice cream before we went to this bakery. I definitely need to try something at Sprinkles on my next Disney vacation)!

imageIt was REALLY rainy by then, so we just decided to go back to our resort.

The next post will most likely be my review for Finding Dory, and then the post after that, I will finish up my trip report! I hope you enjoyed this post and that you found some new places to check out the next time you visit Disney Springs!

Have a magical day!



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6 thoughts on “Monorails, Resorts, and Fireworks: Walt Disney World Trip Report, Part 2

  1. Natalie says:

    It has definitely changed a lot since I went last in December! I feel like Disney has made it feel more like a Disney Park now with all the updating!😃

  2. Natalie says:

    It really has changed a LOT! I love sharing things about my Disney vacations, especially if it ends up helping someone’s vacation be even better! I definitely recommend to spend an entire day at Disney Springs to a day and a half! Disney Springs has so much things to do!

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