A Dream Come True: FastPass Plus Updates!



Hello, Disney Lovers! Five months ago I was at Walt Disney World thinking to myself how they really needs to update some features of  the FastPass Plus system. Not too many months later, my wish came true because there have been some updates with FastPass Plus! These changes will make everyone’s FastPass experience so much easier!

First up, you now you can make your additional FastPass after you have used all your other FastPasses of the day on your cell-phone from the My Disney Experience App. I absolutely disliked going to a kiosk stand and waiting inline to make an additional FastPass. This feature was the one I am most excited about because now I can simply just make the additional FastPass from my cell-phone! You are still able to get a FastPass from the kiosk stand, but from now, I will be making it from my phone. This feature will save so much time out of your day.

If you are park hopping one day, after using your first three FastPasses at one Park, you can get a FastPass for the other Park you are visiting that day. For those who park hop, this is very helpful. For instance, you just spent the morning and a bit of the afternoon at Epcot and used three FastPasses; you wanted to go over to Animal Kingdom, so you make a FastPass for that Park. You could obviously make additional FastPasses after you used your fourth at Animal Kingdom.

When you are making your FastPasses 30 or 60 days ahead of time, you do not have to make your FastPasses all at one time. Individual FastPasses can be made, and you can come back later that day to make the rest of your FastPasses. You are also able to make just two FastPasses or even just a single FastPass.

Another feature is that you can remove guest in your party for a FastPass, and you are able to cancel a single FastPass, instead of cancelling them all. I think this will be very helpful and is a great idea!

I think these changes have been needed for awhile, and I am not sure why Disney just did not feature them when FastPass Plus became a thing. Moving on, I am really excited about these changes and think it will be very efficient for your Walt Disney World vacation! Most of our FastPass “dreams” have came true since the system just got updated again, but one thing I really hope will come soon is FastPass Plus in Disneyland California. I am visiting Disneyland (for the third time next summer), and I hope by the time I go to Disneyland they will have already brought the system there when I visit.

What do you think of all these changes, and do you hope Disney will bring FastPass Plus to Disneyland?

Have a magical day!



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