Why You Need to Download the My Disney Experience App


Hello, Disney Friends! Today, I will be covering why I think the My Disney Experience app is so important for your Walt Disney World vacation! This app is free to download on the App Store(and for Google Play). I definitely   recommend to download the app. Actually, let me rephrase myself; you HAVE to have the app if you are visiting Walt Disney World! Take a look at these reasons down below to see why this app is so important!

Buy tickets from the app. Though you can buy them from the Walt Disney World website, I think it is a lot easier to order from the app.

Reserve your Fastpasses. I would just like to explain the basics of Fastpasses and what they are (for those who do not know). First, let start in the beginning when Fastpasses were born. I am not sure the exact date, but years before the FastPass Plus system, you would go to a kiosk stand in the parks and put your tickets in and choose your Fastpasses one at a time. You would just go to the Fastpass line before entering an attraction and show a Cast Member your Fastpass. By using a Fastpass, you get to skip the regular long line of an attraction(basically, you are skipping the lines). Then, in 2014, FastPass Plus became a thing, and you are now able to reserve your Fastpasses in advance rather than just going to a park that day and getting them at a kiosk stand. However, you can only reserve three Fastpasses in one day(either 60 days in advance to your visit to that park if you are staying on Disney property or 30 days if you are not staying on property).  Now you are probably wondering where your Fastpasses are; they are on your Magic Band that stores all your Fastpasses(you scan the Magic Band before you get on the attraction). There is a lot more to Magic Bands, but this post is not about Magic Bands, so I will leave it for a different post. Anyway, this app is where you reserve your Fastpasses. You get to choose the attraction(sometimes you cannot get an attraction you want) and the time (that is available) on the My Disney Experience app.  There are much more to Fastpasses, but since this post is about the app, I will leave that for a different post.

Easily reserve dining reservations. There are different ways you can do this, but I find it easiest to reserve from this app. I just open the app and put in the date I want for the reservation, how many people there are in my party, and if I want it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
A Quick Tip: Add the restaurant you want to your wish list, so you can easily pull it up and do not have to search for the restaurant every time!

Check wait times for attractions. I love just not having to walk all the way to an attraction and then realizing it is a 70 minute wait. This feature saves you time, and in the park, you can just pull up your app, and then check the wait time for the attraction you want to experience.

View PhotoPass pictures \ videos. You just scan your Magic Band after the photo is taken, and you can view your photos. From there, you can buy the photo if you want, but I like how you can still view what they look like even if you are not interested in buying.

Easily view park hours, including Extra Magic Hours. Sometimes I feel like the Walt Disney World website is hard to locate some things, but this app makes it so much easier to find things. I love  by a click of a button or two I can find what I am looking for. I feel like it is sometimes hard to find the park hours on the website, but on this app, it is very easy!

Even though I think there are some ways that the My Disney Experience app could be different, I definitely think it is a very important part of planning your Disney vacation!  This app also makes the planning process a lot easier(and more fun) and is really a life saver for planning your vacation!

Have a magical day!



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Disclaimer: The author of ‘The Disney Freak with a Bit of Mascara’ is not in any way affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or is not being paid to reflect any opinions. These opinions are completely my own.


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