10 Things You will Experience while Planning a Trip to Walt Disney World

Hello, Disney Friends! Without planning your Disney vacation, your Walt Disney World vacation would not be possible.  Though it always seem like such a long time until you visit “Where Dreams Come True,” planning helps the time pass, and not including, it is just so much fun. Here are some things every Disney fan will experience while planning a trip to the most magical place on earth!

1.You keep checking the My Disney Experience app for dining reservations and even the wait times and park hours for each park. Even doing this at midnight is totally understandable.

2.When you realize that a dining reservation is (“for the first time in forever”) available, you kind of freak out. Well, not just a little bit. Maybe you like throw a party with the people you’re experiencing this vacation with. Not that big of a deal, but it is still huge.


3.You listen to the Wishes soundtrack countless times and watch your favorite Disney movies a ton. With your Disney mug, of course, and you shed some tears because *gasp* you are going to be there soon.

4.People keep asking you why you are planning another trip to Disney. Pay attention, people, because it is like totally obvious you have the word “Disney freak” written on your forehead.


5.You get all warm in side when you see a Walt Disney World commercial. And shed a tear or two.

6.When you can reserve your FastPasses, it is a huge milestone for planning your Disney vacation. Probably the most exciting.


7.You start telling family members, friends, coworkers, and even complete strangers all about what you are going to do for your upcoming Disney vacation. You talk about it all the time, and it gets on people’s nerves.

8.You cannot stop looking at the Walt Disney World tag on Instagram and cannot believe you will be at your happy place in a short amount of time.

9.You spend 10 minutes staring at your Disney countdown app because you are hoping it will decrease the days. You know the truth, but you can only dream.

10.Finally, when the weeks become days until your vacation, you cannot think of anything else but your upcoming vacation. You can survive the days, Disney fans; you can do it!


What other things do you experience, Disney fans?

Have a magical evening!



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10 thoughts on “10 Things You will Experience while Planning a Trip to Walt Disney World

  1. Tiffany says:

    After a recent trip to Disneyland, I have realized that it is indeed very smart to plan ahead. There are just some things that you wouldn’t know unless someone told you! Like, how you have to make reservations, like FastPasses, like how early to start saving seats for the parade. Haha I’m still a Disney amateur in this regard, but hopefully with your blog tips, it shall get better!

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