For the First Time in Forever:  Frozen Sing-Along Celebration Review

Hello, Disney Lovers! I am currently writing this relaxing on the couch with Mulan playing in the background and thinking about my next Disney vacation. Today, I will be reviewing the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration located in Hollywood Studios. I got to finally see it on my latest trip, and I am excited to give a review of it!

•My Description of the Attraction

The attraction is located where the  American Idol Experience used to be at Echo Lake. Anna appears on stage at first, and the historians of Arendelle keep us company until Anna can find Elsa. The historians try to retell the story of Frozen, including the songs and some jokes! Feel free to sing-along with your favorite Frozen songs as the historians react the scenes. Elsa finally appears at the end(Kristoff is even there), and the show ends as everyone sings “Let It Go.”

•My Personal Opinion

I know, I know. It sounds really cheesy, but I loved it! The historians are  hilarious, and I was smiling the entire time! It is a really great show and is very enjoyable. It might look cheesy if you watch it on YouTube, but if you see it in person, you will really like it.(I did exactly this and ended up loving it.) I will not spoil anything, but I just want to say one thing about a cheesy joke they made. The man(one of the historians) was talking about how in every Disney film there is like no mothers, and he was sorta making a big deal about of it, and it was just hilarious! The historians were basically making fun of Disney films, and I thought it was really funny. Anyway, I definitely recommend to check this attraction out because it is really great!

•Wait Lines

You definitely do not need a FastPass for this attraction because you do not have to wait for long. Unless you are waiting for the next showing, that is really the only reason why you would wait a little bit. I do not recommend you get a FastPass for this because it is just wasting one of your FastPasses.

If you have seen this, what do you think of it?

Have a magical day! °o°



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