Thoughts While Watching Beauty and the Beast


Hello, Disney Lovers! Watching a Disney movie is such a fun thing to do. It is even better when the Disney movie that I am watching is one of my favorites. This morning I sat down to watch my very favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. Here are some thoughts I was thinking when(and after) watching Beauty and the Beast:

•Yay, it is starting!!
•No one in the village wears blue besides Belle, so that symbolizes that she is very different, and unique.
•I would love to read the book Belle is obsessed about. “Here is when she meets Prince Charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him ’til chapter three…” (Yes, I have totally memorized this film by heart.)
•Wow, Gaston, that is a great way to win Belle for yourself by throwing her book in mud!
•I did not know that they had underwear with hearts on it back then, haha. (Maurice’s pants fell down.)
•Gaston has quite some confidence because he thinks that he can win Belle over so quickly.
•Scary Beast…
•Ewww, Gaston put his dirty feet on Belle’s desk!
•I love you, Belle, for telling Gaston you do not need  him to make you happy! You go, girl!
•I want adventure, too, Belle. *Sigh.*
•Belle is such a selfless person for taking her father’s place. It seems most of the princesses can be selfish at times, but Belle is not selfish once during the entire film.
•Oh, Belle looks so sad.
•Beast has no manners.
•I want to try all the food in the song “Be Our Guest.” Can I try the gray stuff? It REALLY does look delicious!
•Ooooo, pretty rose. I do not blame you, Belle, for going over to it.
•Belle should wear her hair down more often.
•Belle looks so pretty in that green dress.
•I would love to have that library for myself!
•Belle’s makeup is so flawless, and natural. I bet she only wears a little bit.
•I would love to have that yellow dress in my closet.
•Aw, the ball room looks so beautiful, and the music is so romantic. *Eyes filling with tears*
•Beast has really changed since Belle first met him. He truly does love her for letting her go.
•Does Chip always have tea in him?
•Gaston, I would honestly give up Belle becoming your wife.
•No, Gaston, don’t kill Beast!
•”Please don’t leave me… I love you.” So sad!
•I wonder what Belle is thinking as Beast is transforming into his human self.
•Aw, sweetest Disney kiss ever!
•Aw, Adam (the Beast) and Belle look so happy!
•I read that they reuse the dance scene from Sleeping Beauty for the last dance scene in Beauty and the Beast; I see it now.
•Now I just want to go to Disney World and eat at Be Our Guest Restaurant and see The Beauty and the Beast show in Hollywood Studios, and Enchanted Tales with Belle in Magic Kingdom.
•Aw, I just love this movie, and it is so awesome!
•”Tale as Old as Time ” is stuck in my head now.

This was such a fun post to write, and I think I will do more posts like this more often! If you have a Disney movie that you would like me to do, please tell me in the comments! (Also, I just want to tell you now my blog address is )

Have a magical day! °o°



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7 thoughts on “Thoughts While Watching Beauty and the Beast

  1. BittersweetxBeauty says:

    I love this movie, I even have a tattoo of it! I believe the book Belle is obsessed with is Aladdin which came out a year after Beauty and the Beast. Totally fits with her description of the book too.

  2. Natalie Davis says:

    I love it too! That is so cool! Oh, I never thought of it like it but you are right that makes a lot of sense! Thanks so much for reading! 🙂

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