Enchanted Tales With Belle Review


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On my latest trip to Walt Disney World, I got to see Enchanted Tales with Belle for the first time! It was one of the things that I was most looking forward to on my vacation, and I was just so excited to see it. Today I will be reviewing the attraction.

•My Description of the Attraction

Right near Beast’s castle (Be Our Guest Restaurant) and Gaston’s Tavern is where Enchanted Tales with Belle sits. The outside of the attraction looks like Maurice’s cottage and  is simply adorable. As you enter the cottage, you see Belle’s favorite book that she got to keep from the librarian, a portrait of Belle as a little girl with her mom, and much more! (The details of the cottage are amazing, and I just loved how everything looked, and I felt I was actually standing in his cottage!) After you go through the cottage, you go into a room, and you get transported to the day Belle and Beast fell in love by stepping through a magical portal. Then, you step into ANOTHER room, and you see the wardrobe, who actually pretty much talks the entire time. Guests are given roles, so they can “surprise” Belle. Everyone goes into the library that Beast gave to Belle, and  Lumiere is another special effect of the show(who actually talks and makes the room darker). Belle enters the room, and the story of Beauty and the Beast is retold. People who were “in” the show can actually take a photo with Belle and get a Belle bookmark.

My Personal Opinion

Now for my thoughts of this attraction! I love it and think it is so amazing! I loved every part of it and how much details it had! It has several special effects, and it actually felt like I was in Maurice’s cottage and the library that Belle got from the Beast. Disney Imagineers did an awesome job on details and everything. Overall, I really love it, and I cannot wait to see it again! (Also, I would like to say that some people may not find this attraction that enjoyable if they are not a big fan of Beauty and the Beast or do not have kids.)

•Wait Lines

The wait times are not that bad, and from what I have seen, it does not go too high. You definitely do not need a FastPass for this attraction because the highest I have seen it is a 60 minute wait (If you come back a little later, it will definitely be a lot shorter.),and it can get really short.

Thank you for reading, and tell me in the comments what you think of this attraction if you have seen it! Please follow my blog for more Disney posts!


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