The Types of People That You Will Meet at Disney World

Hello, Disney lovers! There are many types of people that you will meet at Walt Disney World. You will no doubt meet at least one of these people on every Disney trip! Here are a few types of people you will meet at Walt Disney World:

•The Rude Type: There are always a few rude guests at the parks, and it will drive you crazy! They will tell you to be quiet, tell you to take your Mickey ears off since it is in their way, tell you that your kid is annoying them, to move since you are in their way, etc. They just want to make you scream “SHUT UP” in their face, but we know if we did that, now we would be rude. I personally haven’t met a lot of rude people, except the two times I was asked to take my ears off.

•The Flash Photography Type: I cannot tell you how many times people have done this, and it always makes me a bit upset. Disney always says no flash photography for shows, and there is always at least one person using flash photography. I mean you can take a decent photo without flash photography.

The “I am Going to Force my Kid to Ride a Thrill Ride” Type: Please don’t be the person who screams or gets mad at their kid, because they don’t want to ride a thrill ride. Simply just get a baby swap.

The Grumpy Type: These are the people that if someone accidentally bumps into them or something like that, they will say something not so nice to that person. Please just keep your mouth shut, and don’t ruin someone’s day, thank you! (Oh, they should have a sigh for this.)

The Annoying Type: (All of the ones above are annoying, but this one is a different type.) I can say I can fit in this type. No one said anything, but I was being pretty annoying on the line on Rock ‘n Roller Coaster. It was a pretty long line, so I just started bothering my siblings(poking them with my fingers and things like that). The annoying type do weird things   (being annoying while waiting inline,  acting like a child, etc.) that get on your  nerves!

The “I am Going to Take a Billion Selfies” Type: Okay, you don’t need a billion selfies in front of Cinderella’s Castle! Just take a couple, and you are good to go! Of course, some people have to take several and are totally in your way. Just move on with life!

The Pin Trader: It is not as common as it used to be, but pin trading is still a thing. Yes, it is. You might see a random person with like two dozen pins or more, and they might possibly ask if you want to trade with them.

The Matching Shirts Type: I cannot tell you how many people I see each trip with matching shirts. There are always a big group of people wearing matching shirts, and it is actually sorta cool.

The Screaming Type: The screamers are not necessarily trying to be loud, but  they scream VERY loud. They scream for no reason like the drop of Pirates of the Caribbean.

What other people do you run into on your trips?

Have a magical evening! °o°



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14 thoughts on “The Types of People That You Will Meet at Disney World

  1. Natalie Davis says:

    Yes, they did! And I think it was the same person at different Parks, one at The Little Mermaid show in Hollywood Studios and one at Wishes in Magic Kingdom. I took my ears off at The Little Mermaid, but I just moved during Wishes. Some people can be so rude sometimes! Thank you so much, and thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. nicolethewizard says:

    OMG! We always where some kind of matching shirt or a shirt that goes with the theme or a character that is featured at the park we are going to that day! You totally forgot the STROLLERS! I can’t tell you how many times people ran over me or clogged a walkway with a double wide stroller! (if you know what I mean) Oh and the people that just go right through your group of family. Like really? Can’t you see that we all have matching shirts, but yet you decided to walk through the middle of us?

  3. Natalie Davis says:

    I find that really cool you do that every time! Some people just don’t pay ANY attention, haha! Thank you for reading! 🙂

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