The Christmas Series 2015: Christmas Tag!

It is still hard to believe, but Christmas is in just a few days! Everyone is in a big hurry, and some people just cannot hold their excitement inside them for much longer! I just love Christmas time, and it is one of my favorite times of the year! I was tagged by Lizi from Disney is Always a Good Idea to do the Christmas tag.  Wait not THE Christmas tag. I mean a Christmas tag, because there are like dozens of them you can find. There were not a lot of questions on this  tag, so I also decided to do some of the questions on a  different Christmas  tag I read on allthingslacquer.  Thanks for Lizi to tagging me, and let’s get into this tag!

1.Use one word go describe how excited you are for Christmas. Normal (excitement)

2.What’s the best gift you have ever been given, and why? Oh, well, this is sorta hard. I have received a lot of presents that I have loved, so I cannot choose my favorite. But I can think of at least one favorite. I was eight or so years old, and most of the presents had been open. There was a little box under the tree, and I unwrapped it. It was a piece of paper that said “you can get your  ears pierced!” I REALLY wanted to get my ears pierced, so I was just so excited!

3.What’s the worst present you have ever been given, and why? I have appreciated every gift I have received, and I am very thankful for each and everyone of them. But I remember one year(when I was like four or five), I got  something I did not like and said I did not want it.

4.What is your favorite Christmas song? I have a lot of favorites, and since I think it might be hard for me to choose number one, I think I will just list a few I like, which are White Christmas, Jingle Bells, and Silent Night.

5.What is your favorite Christmas film? Again, since I have so many favorites, I will list a few. I love Elf, While You Were Sleeping, Santa Clause, and Home Alone.

6.How good are you at wrapping presents? I am not the best, but I am not the worst. I always try to put a big bow on it, though, after I am done!

7.If you could rename one of Santa’s  reindeer, what would you name it? Probably Sven. I just think he is adorable in Frozen, and I think it is a great name for a reindeer!

8.What’s your favorite thing about Christmas? This is like the hardest question ever. (Not really, but it is really hard.) There is no way I can answer this, so I will just say I love everything about it, since it would take forever for me to answer!

9.When do you start getting excited for Christmas? Probably the beginning of November or mid November.

10.Talk us through your typical Christmas Day. Well, my siblings, and I always wake up early. And then at eight or so, my parents get up, and we all start opening our stockings. After that, we open presents, and my mom will make monkey bread to eat. Then after relaxing a bit, we start doing things with my dad’s side of the family until night time.

11.What do you have for Christmas dinner? Some years my family will have the “traditional” one, but sometimes we will just have snacks if we had Christmas dinner for lunch.

12.Do you have any Christmas traditions? Yes. My family goes over to my grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve, and we have dinner and open gifts with them and my other family members! (Read above for what I do on Christmas Day!)

13.Real or fake Christmas tree? Definitely real Christmas trees!

14.Do you have any funny Christmas memories? Last year was my family’s first time getting a real Christmas tree. On Thanksgiving Day(We always put up our Christmas tree the day before Thanksgiving!), the tree fell down, and it just made a huge mess! It was actually sorta funny!

If you are reading this post, I tag YOU. If you end up doing this tag, make sure to leave the link to your post in the comment section, so I can read it!


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