Walt Disney World Haul: December 2015!

Hello, Disney lovers! If you have been reading my blog posts lately, you would know I just got back from Walt Disney World! Since I just visited, I have a few merchandise I got that I am going to show everyone!

The first thing I got was this Belle mug! I love the design of this mug! The updated look of Belle looks beautiful, and the backside of the mug says “it is hard to be a beauty when mornings are a beast,” which is so funny! Yellow roses cover the mug, which makes it even prettier! I love this mug and am glad to add this to my mug collection!



I also got a charm bracelet. You can actually make it yourself, and I think that is great idea! The charm bracelet itself comes with a Mickey Mouse charm, and I got only one other charm, since the charms are a little expensive. I got Cinderella’s slipper charm, and everytime I got to Disney I am going to add at least one charm. This charm bracelet is a great way to add Disney to my every day style!


While I was watching Disney haul videos before my trip, I saw that a lot of people bought this Chip mug. Being a big fan of Beauty and the Beast, I knew I had to get this mug! I mean it actually looks like Chip, and it is actually “chipped” in one of the sides! When I drink tea out of this mug, I feel like I am actually drinking out of Chip! This mug was actually my favorite thing I got from my trip!



I did not buy this, but I got a Belle bookmark from Enchanted Tales with Belle, since I was in the show. I love the bookmark and will use it when I read. I will remember the fun time I had at Enchanted Tales with Belle and “being” a part of my favorite Disney movie!


Have a magical day! Ā°oĀ°



Have any suggestions\questions? Email me at: disneyfreakwithabitofmascara@gmail.com


6 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Haul: December 2015!

  1. Marigold Sunjewel says:

    Thanks for sharing this! You got some really awesome items for yourself šŸ˜‰

    I really love that you started a charm bracelet so you can add to it every time you visit a Disney park ā¤

  2. Evie says:

    Chip is my favorite! I love that mug. I got it during my last trip to WDW. He’s just too cute. (Beauty & the Beast is the best, clearly.)

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