My Disney Adventures-December 2015: Part 2

Hello, Disney lovers! I hope you all are having a great Monday evening! Today I will be continuing and finishing off writing about my Walt Disney World vacation! (Click here to read the first part!) Please note I will be doing a haul post too. Anyway, here is the rest of it, and I hope you enjoy!

My family went to Magic Kingdom the next day! This day was not as warm as the day before or the day we went to Hollywood Studios. After taking the tram from the parking area to the ticket center, I threw on my sweatshirt because of was a little chilly. My family usually takes the ferryboat to Magic Kingdom, but it was cool out, so we decided to take the monorail. We entered the Magic Kingdom officially, and my family took a family photo. (Oh and that is obviously not the family photo! I just wanted to add that picture I took!)

image  Since the Main Street Bakery line was super long, we went somewhere else to find some caffeine(,so we could survive the day). We ended up at a little place in Fantasyland called Cheshire Cafe. It is an adorable place, and I really recommend to go here instead of waiting in the usual long line at the bakery. (They even have breakfast food.)  We got our drinks really quickly. I ended up with a hot tea. Next we headed to Gaston’s Tavern because we had not had breakfast yet. My family waited in line for a long time, and we finally sat down with three huge cinnamon rolls(which we split) and one LeFou’s Brew. (We all just had a few  sips.) LeFou’s Brew was absolutely amazing and the cinnamon rolls… Well, they were fine.(Being honest, I have had way better cinnamon rolls then these!) Even though it took awhile to wait inline, I enjoyed “visiting” Gaston’s Tavern for the first time because Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie! I love how Gaston’s Tavern looks, and it is  pretty cool!

imageimageimageimageAfterwards, we headed to Enchanted Tales with Belle. It said it was a10 minute wait, so we hopped right inline. It was clearly not 10 minutes, and it ended up being at least a 40 minute wait, probably even more than that.  But I didn’t care at all. Once you get inside, you are in a whole new world, Maurice’s cottage. It looks like you are actually in the charming cottage. I know it is not part of the show, but I absolutely loved the cottage, being a really big fan of Beauty and the Beast. There are some super cool effects of the show, which I will not spoil for you all.(I will give a review of the attraction later.)  But I will tell you can be part of the show. In the show, you go back to the day Belle and Beast fell in love, and we tell her about the story. I know it sounds very cheesy, but I absolutely adored it!! I got to be a part of my favorite Disney movie! (I was an enchanted portrait.) I also got to take a picture with Belle and got a Belle bookmark since I was in the show. This attraction was one of my favorite things about my vacation!


imageimageimageimageBy the time the show was over, it was around lunch time. We ate at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, and it was very good! After lunch, we had our first FastPass of the day, Splash Mountain. The place we ate at was right across from the ride, so we just walked on over there. I enjoyed it, and I got soaking  wet because I was in the very front! It actually felt really good because it was actually getting really hot out by then.

  Next, we went to Tomorrowland because it was time for our next FastPass, Space Mountain. It was my sister’s first time riding it, and she really liked it! It is not that wild for me,(I am a real thrill lover.) but I  enjoyed it. My family got a snack afterwards and headed to Main Street for the Festival of Fantasy Parade. It was awesome, as always! I didn’t take a pic of the parade, but I took an up-close photo of Cinderella’s Castle before the parade started!


Then, we went to Fantasyland land for our third FastPass of the day, Peter Pan’s Flight. My family hadn’t ridden it for a long time because of the ridiculously long line it ALWAYS has. But this time I suggested to my parents to get a FastPass when we were were  reserving FastPasses. Afterwards, we went to Mickey’s Philarmagic, and boy it took awhile to wait inline. But it was worth it! Next, we went to a kiosk stand to get a fourth FastPass. (The last time my family used the machine was when they were paper FastPasses, not connected to your MagicBands!) Anyway, we got a FastPass for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. (I came in third place out of my family members!) Then, we headed to Liberty Square to eat some dinner at Columbia Harbour House. It was good, but I wish we could have gotten a reservation for Be Our Guest, but my family will probably be able to get one for our next trip, since we will have more time to plan.

Later, we went back to the kiosk to get another FastPass. We ended up with Pirates of the Caribbean. Then, we went to ride Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid.  The Little Mermaid is my second favorite Disney princess movie, so I enjoyed it (and was sorta singing some of the songs from the film in my sibling’s ear). Afterwards, we headed to Dumbo the Flying Elephant! I recommend going at night because there are pretty lights at night, and it is beautiful! I enjoyed the view while riding it. By the time we got off the ride, it was time for  one of my favorite rides, Pirates of the Caribbean! It was so awesome, as always! The last attraction we did was It’s A Small World, as we were heading to Main Street for the ten ‘o clock fireworks.(The fireworks are usually around nine, but they were later this day! It wasn’t the Christmas party this day, so it was sorta weird! ) My family went to Main Street Bakery for a snack for the fireworks! (I got hot chocolate and a peppermint chocolate brownie cake pop,and it was SO good!) We watched Celebrate the Magic on Cinderella Castle  and then it was time for the one and only Wishes!



The next day was our last full day in Orlando. If you didn’t know, this was an extra vacation for my family since we had already went to Disney World in March, so it wasn’t a really long vacation. Today was another one of our relaxing days. We slept in, ate lunch at Chick-fil-A and swam at the pools at the resort we were staying at. We had a dining reservation at ‘Ohana at the Polynesian, and it was sooo good! I definitely recommend to eat there, but the reservations are  like impossible to get! We saw the Christmas version of Wishes from our table since tonight was the one of the days for the Christmas party. When Wishes is going on, they add the music at the Polynesian, so it was very enjoyable to watch while eating at one of the best places to eat at Walt Disney World! My family had fun looking at the merchandise stores after dinner at the Polynesian.

The next day we checked out of our resort, ate some breakfast at Starbucks and headed to Disney Springs. We shopped for awhile but then decided to get some lunch. Since we didn’t have a ton of time to eat at a sit down, we ate at Earl of Sandwich again. We got some ice cream at Ghirardelli and shopped a bit more. My family actually got most of our Christmas shopping done for other family members, so it was great! Then, my family left Disney Springs and drove to the airport, which I can say was pretty sad for me. A few hours later,  I was at my home, away from the most magical place on earth.

I had such an awesome, magical, and fun time at Walt Disney World, and I am so glad I could go during the Christmas season! I thought it wouldn’t be as hard to leave Disney since I will be going back probably in a few months, but let’s face it, Disney fans, it is always hard to leave the most magical place on earth!  Anyway, I have my next Disney vacation to look forward to, and I cannot wait to begin planning for it!

Have a magical evening!Β°oΒ°



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11 thoughts on “My Disney Adventures-December 2015: Part 2

  1. Tiffany says:

    Ah, your posts make me REALLY want to go to Disneyland right now! Christmas is the best time to go, with their amazing decorations. It’s extra magical. ^-^

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