The “I Just Can’t Wait to Go to Disney” Tag!


Hello, Disney lovers! Well, it is super hard to believe, but my Disney World vacation is coming just around the corner! That being said, I thought I would make up a new tag to get  even more excited, and plus I thought it would be very fun! I made up the “I Just Can’t  Wait to Go to Disney” Tag! Please note (before I start), this tag is completely my own, as well as the title of the tag! I will be tagging bloggers at the end, as always! Anyway, let’s get into the tag!

1.How do you get extra excited for your Disney trips? I love to read books about Disney World and just Disney books, in general, and I watch lots of Disney movies! I also read websites about Disney World and watch Disney attractions on YouTube. I enjoy watching the Disney Parks Series, too. Recently, I have been watching a lot of Disney World vlogs and hauls!

2.How do you feel the few days before your vacation? I am always excited about going to Disney, but the closer I get to the vacation, I get even more excited! I can’t hold the excitement in, and  I can’t wait! Right now, I hope that the days will go fast because I can’t wait to be in Disney World!

3.What are the things you are most excited about? Oh, this is hard because I get excited about everything, so do I have to choose? Alright, I will say a few things! I can’t wait to see Cinderella Castle, ride Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, to try Lefou’s Brew (No, before ask, it is not an alcoholic drink!), to check out Enchanted Tales with Belle, to see the Christmas decorations… Honestly, I could continue, but I need to go on to the next question.

4.When you see Disney World\land for the first time of your vacation, how do you react? Well, I get super excited, and while my inside is screaming, my outside is trying to act cool! However, when I got surprised to a trip to Disney World I screamed…

5.What do you like to do while  traveling to  Disney? I always watch a Disney movie and do a few other things! If I travel by car, it is multiple movies, but if I travel by plane, it is just one movie because it is not a long flight! I also enjoy reading books(especially Disney related)! I am planning on bringing The Beast Within and Fairest of All(both Disney) for this trip!  Beside reading, I look on my phone.

6.What do you pack when you go to Disney? I always bring a suit case, along with a smaller bag to hold hand gel, books, lotion, my phone, my phone charger, etc. I bring Disney shirts for the days I am at Disney, as well as my Minnie ears and other clothes! Of course I bring other things, but those are the main things!


7.Do you countdown the days until you go to Disney, and if so, how do you?  Yes, of course I do! I have this awesome app that was like a dollar that counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until your Disney trip! It also has its own Disney wallpaper that has your countdown on it! It was totally worth the dollar, and I don’t regret getting it! It is easy, simple, fun and I don’t have to think!

This tag was sooo fun to make up, and I enjoyed writing it! I will be tagging a few people, but before I do, let me tell you this tag can be for Disney World, Disneyland California, Disneyland Paris, etc.  Bloggers I tag, along with anyone who would like to do this tag:

•Katie from Katie’s Keys to the Kingdom

•Marigold from Marigold’s Musings

•Mary from Disney on my Mind


•Erika from Subway Mouse

• Ashley from Let It Go Disney Opinions 

Have a magical evening! °o°



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33 thoughts on “The “I Just Can’t Wait to Go to Disney” Tag!

  1. itslizi says:

    You’ll be pleased to know that I’m working on my post right now, although I’ve moved to

    Do you have Twitter, because if so I would love to keep in touch with you one there also.

  2. itslizi says:

    I’ll notify you when it’s posted.I like that you’re not, yet. It would be nice to see and hear from you via that platform as there’s a nice little community over there.

  3. Natalie Davis says:

    I read it, and I loved it! I hope you have an awesome time, and I will be reading your future posts! If you want to keep in contact, feel free to email me! (

  4. Natalie Davis says:

    Hello, fellow Disney Freak! That is so great, I hope you have a magical time! Thank you very much! 🙂 xxx

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