Things I am Thankful For at Walt Disney World

Hello, Disney lovers! How is today Thanksgiving? The time has really flown by really quickly, and I just can’t believe it is Thanksgiving! Before we know it, it will be Christmas!  Anyway, I am thankful for so many things like my family, living in the United States and more, but I don’t think it is very  interesting for people who don’t know me to read a huge list of all I am thankful for, so I thought I would write about what I am thankful for in Disney World instead!

The Cast Members- They work so hard to bring the magic to Disney World, and I am very thankful for all the hard work they do. Even if it is just picking up the trash that people leave(I know it is more that that), they work very hard. You will (most likely) always find a Cast Member who is smiling and will be happy to help you with anything. If you are a current or former Cast Member reading this, I truly thank you for all the hard work you have done!

The Imagineers- Aside from Walt, there wouldn’t be Disney World without them! They are the ones who make the magic, and they are always at work at coming up with a an attraction. If you are a former or current Imagineer reading this, I thank you so much for bringing and making the magic!

•The Attractions- No one can make any better ride or show better than Disney! I mean no one because no other theme park (Universal, Sea World, etc.) cannot compare to what Disney World has to offer! Walt Disney World attractions are more than attractions!

The Magical Feeling- If you haven’t been to a Disney Park, you have no idea of how being in a Disney Park makes you feel! I absolutely cannot explain it, and the warmness it gives me as I enter a Disney Park or even see a picture of a Disney Park!

There is Everything for Every One- Are you a thrill lover? They got some awesome thrill rides! Are you more of a show person than a ride type of person? They got plenty of shows, as well! Are you a big fan of the Disney characters and desperately wanting to meet them? Well, they got so many character meet and greets!  The list could go on, but Disney World has about something for every type of person!

The Atmosphere- I love the look of  Walt Disney World Resort, and I love that there is one whole area just for Disney World! I love once you enter the Walt Disney World entrance you only see Disney things in the whole resort! I think of it as a “Disney village!” 

The Disney College Progam- I might not be in the Disney College Program, but this has somehow become of a huge dream of mine, to apply when I am in college and to work at Walt Disney World! I want to be able to call my home-away-from-home my home  for sometime. I want to be able to be at Disney World everyday and to spend time at the Disney Parks at my off time. I want to bring magic to guests(especially little girls and boys) like Cast Members have  to me. I want to be the person who makes someone love Disney for the rest of their life(if they aren’t crazy about it already)! I know a lot of people apply to the Disney College Program and not a lot of people make it, but I am dreaming that someday I will make it, that my dream will come true!

That is what I am thankful for at Walt Disney World, and I enjoyed writing this list! Anyway, I hope all my readers, who live in the United States, had a very happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed  time spent with family!

What are you thankful for at Walt Disney World, or what are you thankful for in general?

Have a magical evening! °o°



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