The Best “Disney Smells”

Hello, Disney lovers! Oh, the smells of Walt Disney World! They will totally make you stop dead in your tracks and sniff  all the too-good-to-be-true smells! I have a few favorite “Disney smells” that I want to write about, especially since I will be smelling them in a short amount of time!  Please note, these are in no particular order (because it is too hard for me to decide), but here are some of favorite “Disney smells!”

1.Soarin'(Epcot): Soarin’ is amazing, and the smells they have on the attraction are too! The orange blossom fragrant they have as you are going past the orange trees is  so realistic and amazing! Not to mention, as you swoosh past the California beaches, you get a chance  to sniff the  “ocean breeze!”

2.Goofy’s Candy Shop(Disney Springs aka Downtown Disney): All the sweet smells they have here just make going in Goofy’s Candy Shop even better than it already is! Once I smell this store, I know I am at my home away from home!

3.The Water Rides: I know this sounds really weird, but I absolutely love the smell of the water on Disney attractions! It smells amazing, and if you don’t like the smell of it, there MUST be something wrong with you!!

4.The Confectionery(Main Street U.S.A, Magic Kingdom) You literally smell  the  store standing outside of it, and boy, does it smell amazing! All the smells they have inside (popcorn, cotton candy, etc.) is too good to be true!

5. Mickey’s Philarmagic(Magic Kingdom): Along with how realistic this show is, there are amazing smells like the desserts in the Beauty and the Beast scene! If you have a empty stomach, beware because the very delicious smells will make you very hungry!

What are some of you favorite Disney smells?

Have a magical day! °o°



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8 thoughts on “The Best “Disney Smells”

  1. TeresaR says:

    I love the smell of the candy canes during the holiday seasons. Then again I love going into the Main Street Bakery when they’ve just put out a fresh batchof cinnamon rolls.

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