“Rivers of Light” Coming Soon to Animal Kingdom


Hello, Disney lovers! Well, it was finally time that Animal Kingdom got a night show! “Rivers of Light” is set to debut next spring and   will be on the park’s icon, The Tree of Life.  During the show, “mystical hosts” will call on animal spirits via water and light.  “These magical fireflies kind of open the body of the tree, and we look into the tree, and we see these amazing stories from the animals that are on the tree,” said Imagineer Joe Rohde in a video posted on the official Disney Parks Blog. “So moving into the night, bringing  the show to life, altering the way people moving into the park and adding all these attractions, all of this is connected.”

Disney has said “Rivers of the Light” will include “live performers with floating lanterns, water screens  and swirling animal imagery.” However, as cool as that sounds(which it is, in my opinion), they will not have fireworks due to the safety of the wild animals! This show will expend the hours of Animal Kingdom, which I think was very much needed for more hours!

I think the show sounds amazing, and it just seems so cool! I think it is perfect  for Animal Kingdom, and I just can’t wait to see it! 

What do you think of “Rivers of the Light,” Disney fans?

Have a magical day! °o°



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