My Top 5 Disney World Restaurants

Hello, Disney lovers! One of the best things about Disney is their restaurants! I have so many memories eating at them, and I thought I would share my top five favorite Disney restaurants!

5. Tortuga Tavern(Magic Kingdom): This restaurant is not only a really quick to eat at, but it is really good! This place is a Mexican restaurant located in Adventureland across from Pirates! If you aren’t a fan of Mexican, they have other options as well!


4.Akershus Royal Banquet Hall(Epcot): I have haven’t eaten here in awhile, but I remember really enjoying it! They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner! This resturant is a character dining, and you get to meet a lot of princesses, including sometimes Mary Poppins! If you want to eat here, you have to make reservations, so make sure you do that 180 days away from your trip!


dadsguidetowdw (source)

3.Pizza Planet (Hollywood Studios): This quick service restaurant has been one of my faves as long as I can remember! Being obviously inspiered by Andy’s favorite restaurant from Toy Story, I think Disney did a really good job at this restaurant!  They serve really great pizza! And if you aren’t a fan of pizza, they have other things, too!


disney-pal (source)

2.‘Ohana(Polynesian Resort): This restaurant is no doubt one of the very best places to eat at in Walt Disney World! Their food is amazing, and if you haven’t eaten here before, you just have to!!!! Make sure to make reservations for this place 180 ahead of time because this place is VERY popular! And I mean very, very, very popular!


disneydining (source)

1.Be Our Guest(Magic Kingdom): It took me awhile to decide between this and #2, but I realized this restaurant is my FAVORITE in Disney! I just love how it looks, and Disney just did an amazing job on this restaurants! There are three rooms to decide from to eat in  inspired by Beauty and the Beast, but my favorite is the West Wing! Now on to the food; the food is amazing!! There are some many yummy options that it is so hard to choose from! I haven’t tried the “gray stuff” yet, but I know it is delicious! Make sure to make reservations for this restaurant 180 days ahead of time! (I actually just realized you don’t need a FastPass for lunch any more!)


disneyfoodblog (source)

What is your favorite restaurant in Walt Disney World?

Have a magical afternoon! °o°



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2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Disney World Restaurants

  1. Natalie Davis says:

    Thank you! I remember eating there when I was five and remember enjoying it! (I met Cinderella, Prince Charming and her stepfamily!) 🙂

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