The Do’s and Don’ts of a Walt Disney World Vacation


Hello, Disney lovers! There are several do’s and don’ts of a Walt Disney World vacation, so I thought I would share some advice! There are things you should do, and there are things you just should not do at all! Here are the do’s and don’ts of a Walt Disney World vacation!

Do: Plan, plan, plan!!! Planning is one of the most important parts of your Disney vacation because without planning, your Disney World vacation would be no doubt a mess! I am not going to explain all the planning because I just wrote a post about how to plan! You can read it here!

Don’t: Stress. Lots of people stress about all the planning they have to do, but to help you relax, please, get a Disney travel agent! People also stress about doing all the things they want to do at the Disney Parks, but let me tell you, just don’t stress! Unless you are late for a FastPass or dining reservation, don’t stress! 

Do: Make your reservations early. If you want to get the FastPass you want or a dining reservation, you have to resevere early!  That doesn’t exactly mean you will get it, but you have to do it early!

Don’t: Try to do everything in one day. No, just don’t because this is not even possible! I recommend doing one park per day!

Do: Stay at Walt Disney World for least a week! This is very important, and I even would recommend to stay a little bit longer!

Don’t: Hurry to do things! This will not be fun at all, so just enjoy each attraction! Unless you are late for a FastPass or dining reservation, don’t rush because it will just spoil your fun!

Do: Visit all the Parks! There is something unique about each park like the magical feeling of the Magic Kingdom! I think without visiting each Park, your Disney vacation is not complete! I recommend going to Magic Kingdom and Epcot twice because they both have a lot to offer and  to go to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios at least once! (Those parks don’t have as much to offer!)

Don’t: Make your child ride an attraction that he or she just doesn’t want to ride. This is absolutely not okay! I totally understand if they don’t want to ride the Tower Terror after hearing screaming of other people, and that is just okay if they don’t want to ride a thrill ride! Remember you can always get baby swap!

Do: Take lots of pictures. Bring your camera or take pictures with your phone. Make sure to take lots of pictures, so you can look back at them someday!

Don’t: Go to the Parks every single day of your vacation. I recommend to take at least one or two days away from the Parks, or if you have small children, go to the Parks every other day. Go to Downtown Disney, swim, go to the beach, explore the Disney resorts or do whatever you want to do! Your body and feet will thank you for it!

Do: Have FUN!!! Be happy because you are at Disney World and smile! Enjoy every single moment of your trip at the most magical place on earth! (Please, don’t be the grumpy person who ruins everyone’s fun!) Also, write about each day of your trip in a journal or a notes app on your phone, so you can remember all the fun (and magical) memories, which you and your family can keep for a lifetime!

Have a magical day! °o°



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5 thoughts on “The Do’s and Don’ts of a Walt Disney World Vacation

  1. coraljoytravel says:

    Great tips!! These are wonderful tips and advice. I’d also add to use a Disney Specialized Travel Agent to help you plan your next trip!

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