Friday Awards: Animated Oscars Tag!

I was nominated by Rachel from Reviewing All 54 Disney Animated Films and More for the Animated Oscars Award! You should definitely go check out her awesome blog! She has been following my blog for awhile now, and I really appreciate how much support she gives  my blog! Thanks so much for the nominating me! She created the tag (because she finished a series where she would review all the
animated Oscar movies), and I think it is super cool! She has a YouTube video in the blog post to explain the tag! (To see it, click here!) Anyway, let’s get into the tag!

1.Tangled- a film that should have been nominated but wasn’t

2.Rango- a terrible film that was nominated for the Oscar

3.Shark Tale- a movie that won an Oscar you don’t care for

4.Wall-e- a film about a robot you love

5. I am totally not into silent films(really I am not) -a film with no dialogue you love

6.Frozen- a movie you like but everyone else loves

7. Lilo and Stich – a film which has grown on you everytime you see it

8.How To Train Your Dragon-movie you   wish you could convince everyone to watch

9.Lego Movie- an underrated comedy

10.Coraline- what is a movie made(or marked for kids) that scares you or would have scared you

11.Actually don’t like graphic novels- movie based on graphic  novel you love

12.How To Train Your Dragon 2- a sequel  better than the original

13.Don’t really like ghosts- Favorite movie with ghosts

14. Actually no idea- favorite Wes Anderson film

15. Don’t like Tim Burton-favorite Tim Burton film

16.Princess and the Frog- movie you like parts but really don’t like other parts
17.The Incredibles- a movie about a family you love

18. No idea either-movie based on a true story you love

19.Happy Feet- a movie that takes strange turn in act 2

20. Big Hero 6- favorite Marvel movie

21.Beauty and the Beast- favorite Disney Princess movie

Thanks again to Rachel, and I tag anyone who would like to do this tag!


4 thoughts on “Friday Awards: Animated Oscars Tag!

  1. everythingnothin says:

    I totally think the same about Lilo and Stich!! Every time I watch it, it gets better! I love How To Train Your Dragon! Everyone really should see it! I was so shocked because I didn’t think I would like it at all, but I love it! And I totally agree How To Train Your Dragon 2 was even better! I also thought Despicable Me 2 was better than the first (however, I love the first movie too haha). I am not a fan of Tim Burton movies either. Totally agree about Princess and the Frog (are you in my mind girl haha). The Increbibles is such an amazing movie. I think I watched in 4 times in a week haha. Beauty and the Beast was my favorite movie growing up. I think Cinderella or The Little Mermaid is my favorite now haha. I loved reading your answers. What a fun post!

  2. Natalie Davis says:

    Haha, maybe I am in your mind! LOL!! That is so cool we have similar answers! I am glad you liked reading it! Thanks so much!!

  3. smilingldsgirl says:

    I love how many of our answers are the same! Thanks for doing the tag and I’m so impressed with your blog! I couldn’t have done such writing when I was your age. It’s fun to see and can’t wait to see you review Disney you havent seen yet!

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