A Letter To My Favorite Disney Character

imageHere is a letter to my favorite Disney character, and I am pretty sure my followers who have been following me for awhile can guess:

Dear Belle,

You have always been my FAVORITE Disney character(and princess)! Today, most little girls’ favorite princess is Elsa, even though she is actually a queen. I was born in the very early 2000’s, so there was princesses like you, Ariel, Mulan, Aurora, and Cinderella(and a few more) when I was a little girl! There wasn’t new Disney princess movies coming out in the theaters when I was little, so you ended up as my favorite, which I am perfectly fine with! You have always stood out from the other princesses! You don’t dream of being swept off your feet by your Prince Charming and then running away to your very much dreamed “happily ever after” like the other princesses would dream! You just wanted “adventure in the great wide somewhere” which  is exactly what you got! You also wanted someone to understand you, rather than the town folks, who thought you were just odd and different and who sang it, too. I don’t blame you for sticking your nose in a good, old book because I love reading! I have always thought that I am like you the most than any other Disney character! I want “adventure in the great wide somewhere,” too, I enjoy sticking my nose in a good book, I live in a small town, where nothing really happens, and I have brown hair and brown eyes! You showed a great lesson that everyone should follow: It doesn’t matter what somebody looks like on the outside, but it only matters what is on the inside. I mean, hey, you loved a big beast and showed kindness to him! You are so inspiring and aren’t the average Disney Princess, and that is maybe why you are my favorite because you are different and very special!


Your biggest fan, Natalie


7 thoughts on “A Letter To My Favorite Disney Character

  1. Kelsey D. says:

    Great letter! I love Belle, I’ve always felt like I could relate to her the most too. But my favorite Disney heroine would still have to be Mulan.

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