Guest Blogger from Disney Living Room Decorating Ideas

I love decorating. Okay, I love decorating a lot, and when you put two things together, Disney and decorating, I get even happier! Today’s post is about Disney Living Room Decorating Ideas, and it wasn’t written by me because I have a guest blogger! The guest blogger is Mary from Anyway here is the post, and I hope  it helps if you want to decorate your living room(or any room) Disney themed:

Decoratating the space you live in is about creating a home that reflects who are and what you love. As a reader of the Disney Freak, chances are you are a Disney Freak, too. You can integrate your love for Disney and your personality into any space, inculding your living room. While browsing through Pinterest,  typically you will see Disney themed bedrooms or TV rooms, but a Disney living room is not nearly as common. Creating a living room with Disney elements is not only possible, it is unquie  and will transform  your space into a room unlike anything your friends and family have never seen before.

Make a Plan

With a plan and some creativity, you can include a little Disney fun in your living room. When you begin to plan out your space, consider whether you want to go all out with Disney decorations or weave them into the space as an accent to a bigger theme. Next, choose your theme. Is there a certain movie or concept you want to bring into your living room?  Perhaps your  theme is centered around a certain set of colors, and you hope to match Disney characters and movies based on the colors you have chosen. Don’t forget to settle on a budget and stick with it, combining purchases and do-it-yourself elements to make it work.


Via Flickr

Do-it-Yourself Disney Decorations

Official Disney decorations and memorabilia can be expensive, so we suggest you prioritize a few of your favorite purchases and create your own decorations whenever possible. Here are a few ideas for do-it-yourself Disney decorations:

Create a Stencil: You can create stencil to be used for adding Disney silhouettes to your walls and furniture. Using coloring pages, purchase card stock from your local craft store and trace the images you want to use onto the card stock. With an X-ACTO knife, cut out the stencil and create a Disney themed border, or add an accent to a single wall.

Framed Disney Quotes: Create your own printables using your favorite Disney quotes. Simply download a Disney font that fits well with the theme of your space and use a word processor to create a printable you love.

Mickey Mouse Lamp: If you are handy, we love this do-it-yourself Mickey Mouse Lamp. You can create an unique piece for your space using acrylic globes and a basic lamp kit.


Via Flickr

Find Non-Disney Pieces to Match Your Theme

Finding furniture to fit your Disney theme doesn’t have to be difficult. Think outside the box, and find fabrics with colors and patterns, which captures your vision for your space. Are you using Mickey and Minnie Mouse as the main characters in your space? Find a red polka-dot  couch or add a polka-dot  pillow. Purchase a velvet slip-covered settee and gather inspiration from this  Disney Princess bedroom on Modernize if you hope to create a sophisticated, Disney Princess living room.

When it really comes down to it, decorating your home is about creating a space you love. Take your time planning out the perfect space, and don’t settle for boring decorations that don’t capture the essence of who you are. With enough creativity, you can create the perfect room for relaxing and entertaining for years to come.


(This is me now)

I love how this was written, and I want to give a big thanks! I hope that you enjoyed it, and it helped you! If someone would like to be another guest blogger on my blog, please email me at because I am always looking for another guest author! 🙂


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