How To: Have a Disney Inspired Fall

Hello, Disney lovers! Welcome to the middle of October! I can’t believe at all that we are half way through this month! This month is going by sooo fast already!  Anyway, it’s fall time, and I don’t know about you, but I think fall time is one of the most beautiful times of year, with all the fall colors!  Because it is fall time, I thought I would write how to have a Disney Inspired Fall:

1.Watch Halloween Disney Movies.  Disney Channel has multiple   Disney Channel Original Halloween movies like HalloweenTown and Girl vs Monster! Disney Channel just premiered Invisible Sister just last Friday! There is even more options for Disney Channel Halloween movies! Some people  aren’t really a fan of Disney Channel, but that still doesn’t mean there aren’t  non-Disney Channel Halloween movies! There are several like Hocus  Pocus! You could also watch Haunted Manision and Tower of Terror! Yes, Disney freaks, there are movies based on those two popular Disney rides! You could also watch The Nightmare Before Christmas! This isn’t really a Halloween movie, but I enjoy watching Freaking Friday(2003)! Definitely watch a Halloween(or creepy) Disney movie for fall, whether it’s Disney Channel movies or just Disney!

2.Carve your pumpkins as some of your favorite Disney characters,or you can paint them like Disney characters(or Disney villains)! My family is probably going to do this, and I think it is awesome! Disney lovers, start getting crafty and creative, if you plan to do this!



3.Dress up as your favorite Disney character(or Disney villain) for Halloween! I know what some of you are thinking! We are too old to dress up! And my answer to that is NO! You aren’t too old to love Disney, so why can’t you dress up if you want to? I am planning to be a Disney character for Halloween, and I haven’t dressed up as one since the third grade! (I was Alice!) You can save money by making a DIY costume! That is what I am going to do! Everyone knows Belle is my favorite Disney character, so I am going to be her! Don’t be shy to dress up as your favorite Disney character, fellow Disney fans! Well, I won’t be shy to do so!

4.For Thanksgiving, set up a few Disney Thanksgiving decorations! Minnie and Mickey Mouse pilgrims are perfect and anything thing else are too! You could also see if you can print some free decorations on the internet(or go to the store)!

5.Visit Disney World(or Disneyland) at fall time! Hands down! Fall time is one of my FAVORITE times to visit Disney! Even though, you might not be going there this fall, why don’t you start planning a trip for next fall? Fall time at Disney World is beautiful and has some super cool things that isn’t there any other time of the year! Definitely check out the Haunted Manision because it has some Nightmare Before Christmas things inside the ride which is there through late September and then through the month of December(because it is called the Nightmare Before CHRISTMAS)! You could also go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom which costs around 74 dollars! You can meet rare characters, dress up, get candy for free and much more! It is totally worth the price! Another cool thing at fall time is Epcot’s International  Food and Wine Festival which I heard is really good!   If you aren’t going to Disney this fall, you should definitely think about going NEXT fall!



I hope you enjoyed this post, and please, tell me in the comments if I forgot anything that helps you have an inspired Disney fall!

Have a magical afternoon! °o°



7 thoughts on “How To: Have a Disney Inspired Fall

  1. TeresaR says:

    Very cool ideas. I’ve carved Disney pumpkins myself. Last year it was the Fabe Five (Mickey, Minnie, Pluto. Donald, and Goofy.) One year it was Cars inspired (Mater, Lightening McQueen, Lizzie, Sheriff and Red)

  2. Marigold Sunjewel says:

    Awesome ideas, Natalie! 🙂

    My family carved pumpkins to make a Villain Parade a couple years ago that was crazy fun! We even had special lights in the pumpkins that changed colors 😉

    Will you post your Belle costume? I’d love to see it ❤

  3. Natalie Davis says:

    Thank you so much!! That sounds amazing!! Yes, for sure! I am even going to do Belle inspired makeup! Who are you going to be?

  4. Marigold Sunjewel says:

    Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see it 🙂

    Like you, I’m too old to go trick or treating, but I do plan to dress up in a DisneyBound inspired style for classes on the 30th 😉 I like to dress up as less obvious characters, so I’m deciding between Dory (Finding Nemo), Vanellope (Wreck It Ralph), and Meg (Hercules)…maybe more if I don’t make up my mind soon! 😛

  5. Natalie Davis says:

    Thank you very much!! Oh, that is a bummer! Well, I am glad you could read something from me!! 🙂

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