Disney World: This or That Tag


Hello, Disney lovers! I was inspired by a post from DISNEY IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA to make a Disney World: This or That Tag! I LOVE Lizi’s blog, and I totally agree with her awesome blog title! Definitely take a look at her fun and awesome blog! (Click here to check her blog out! The other link is just the link where you can read her Disneyland Paris tag!) She writes about Disney merchandise she wishes to have, Disneyland Paris and just everything Disney in general! Anyway, here is my tag:

1.Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios? Magic Kingdom for sure!

2.Epcot or Hollywood Studios? Oh, my word! This one is sooo hard me to choose because both Epcot and the Studios is awesome! I will have to go with Hollywood Studios! Don’t get me wrong, though! I still LOVE Epcot!

3.Animal Kingdom or Epcot? Epoct for sure because I have never really been a fan of Animal Kingdom!

4.Epcot or Magic Kingdom? Magic Kingdom is my fave Disney Park!

5.Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom? Again, never really been a fan of Animal Kingdom!

6.Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom? Duhhhh, Magic Kingdom!

6.Splash Mountain or Space Mountain? Both are pretty close, but I have to go with Splash Mountain!!

7.Peter Pan’s Flight or It’s A Small World? Again, both are pretty close! I absolutely cannot visit Magic Kingdom without riding It’s A Small World!

8.The Jungle Crusie or Pirates of the Carribean? Pirates of the Caribbean for sure! I really like The Jungle Cruise, but Pirates is one of my TOP faves!

9.Be Our Guest Restaurant or Crystal Palace? Be Our Guest! It is my fave restaurant in Magic Kingdom! Everybody following my blog knows that Beauty and the Beast is my FAVORITE, so I love Be Our Guest!

10.Tower of Terror or Rock ‘n Roller Coaster? Rock ‘n Roller Coaster! It is sooo epic! Great; now I am starting to talk like my brother! 

11.Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage! or Vovage of the Little Mermaid? Even though Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie, The Little Mermaid is my fave show at Hollywood Studios!

12.Toy Story Mania or Star Tours-The Adventure Continues? Hmm… This one is sorta hard! Toy Story Mania! It is super fun!

13.Test Track or Soarin’? Another hard one for me! This is weird because I said Soarin’ is my fave at Epcot a few weeks ago, but I changed my mind! Test Track!!

14.France or United Kingdom Showcase? I personally like the France showcase better! I just love France! Don’t get me wrong, though, because I also love Great Britain!

15.Mission Space or Spaceship Earth? I have actually have not ridden Mission Space! I totally want to ride it and planning on it the next time I go! I have to say Spaceship Earth then because I have never ridden the other ride!

16.China or Japan Showcase? Definitely Japan because I just think it looks very cool!

17.Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three
Caballeros or Maelstrom? I really disliked the Maelstrom because it was totally LAME, so definitely the Mexico boat ride! I am really glad the Maelstrom is turning into a Frozen boat ride! It should be great! 

18.It Is Tough To Be A Bug or Festival of a Lion King? I have not done Festival of a Lion King before, but it would be nice to! I am not really a fan of the Bug’s Life show because I HATE bugs! I would go with the Lion King show!

19.DINSOUR or Expedition Everest? Everyone I have a confession to make! I HAVE NOT BEEN TO ANIMAL KINGDOM SINCE FIVE YEARS AGO!! I know that sounds crazy, but my family isn’t really a big fan of Animal Kingdom! My family is planning to go to all the Parks in June next year,(We are also going to Disney in two months but are not going to Animal Kingdom) so I will get to go to Animal Kingdom finally after half a decade! I have not ridden either rides because the last time I went to Animal Kingdom was when I wasn’t really into thrill rides! I want to say I have ridden all the THRILL RIDES at Disney, so I really want to go to Animal Kingdom to ride those two! I would probably pick Expedition Everest because I LOVE rollercoasters! 

20. Polynesian Resort or Contemporary? I have only been lucky enough to stay on property once, but that doesn’t really count because I stayed at on property when I was a little baby! I have always wanted to stay at the Polynesian!

21.Pop Century Resort or Art of Animation? Definitely Art of Animation! I have never stayed at it, but it looks awesome!

This tag was super fun to make, and I want to tag some people to do it! Here are the blogs I tag: Disney on my Mind, The Disney Diva, DisneyMatters and Katie’s Keys to the Kingdom! I also tag anyone else who wants to do this! Thanks  to Lizi for inspiring me, and I hope everyone enjoyed my tag!

Have a magical afternoon! °o°



9 thoughts on “Disney World: This or That Tag

  1. itslizi says:

    You’re so kind, thank you. I’m so glad to have inspired you! I’ve never been to Walt Disney World but I like hearing what others think of it. What is it that doesn’t make you a fan of Animal Kingdom? I wish Disneyland Paris had both Splash Mountain and Jungle Cruise as they both look so fun, that being said I would always choose Pirates of the Caribbean over Jungle Cruise.

  2. Natalie Davis says:

    You are so welcome! Animal Kingdom doesn’t have a lot of to offer! Yeah, they are pretty fun! I hope you get to visit Walt Disney World one day!! It is awesome! 🙂

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