Happy 44th Birthday, Magic Kingdom


Happy Birthday to my favorite place on the entire planet, Magic Kingdom! 44 years ago today my favorite Disney Park opened! Magic Kingdom has always been my favorite Disney Park, and I know it will always be! I don’t know if I would be a huge Disney freak I am today without this wonderful park! I have so many wonderful, happy and amazing memories at this place that I like to call my home away from home! Some people may think this park is just a regular theme park, but it is totally not! If you haven’t been to the Magic Kingdom, you won’t know the feelings it gives you! I can’t describe my feelings about this park, but I can tell you that I am just in wonderland and  forgot about the worries in life when I am here! When most people think of Disney World, they think of Magic Kingdom because it is the heart and soul of Walt Disney World Resort! Thank you, Magic Kingdom, for all the wonderful and magical memories you have given my family and me!   And thank you Walt because you have made this girl very happy!


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