Rapunzel and Her “Mom”


Hello, Disney lovers! Rapunzel’s “mom” only loved her because her magical hair kept her young and healthy! Mother Gothel acted like she loved Rapunzel, but she really did not! She only loved her hair, her magical power! I watched Tangled  not long ago, and I realized when ever Rapunzel’s “mom” touches her in any way, she touches her hair! She rubs her hair and kisses her hair! (She only kisses her hair!)  When she said goodbye before she left to do whatever she was doing, she was holding her hair, and then, let her hair go! All that really tells us that Mother Gothel only loves Rapunzel’s HAIR!!! The next time you watch the movie try to keep an eye out to see if whenever Mother Gothel touches her, she touches her hair!

What do you think?

Have a magical evening!



6 thoughts on “Rapunzel and Her “Mom”

  1. KatieBun says:

    I know right!! Though I must say the story could not be as amazing as it is without selfish ‘mother’.. Great post!

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