My Thoughts on Sorcerer Mickey’s Hat


Hello, Disney lovers! I have been thinking about Disney World a lot lately because I will be there in almost two short months! I can’t wait to be there, and I am just so excited!! Anyway, I was very disappointed when Disney  took down the Sorcerer Mickey Hat in Hollywood Studios! I loved it, and being honest, I thought it was quite stupid to take it down! Disney would never take down Cinderella Castle, the Epcot ball or The Tree of Life, so I don’t know why they would take down the big, blue hat! It was the icon of Hollywood Studios,  and I really dislike that Disney decided to take it down! The icons are how people recognize the Disney Parks and are the symbol of them. I know Disney still has the icon somewhere, and I wish they would put it back up even if it’s very unlikely! If they don’t, I wish that they would would make a new icon. Even if they did, I know I would always like Sorcerer Mickey’s Hat more!

Tell me in the comments if you miss the  Sorcerer Mickey’s Hat!

Have a magical evening!



10 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Sorcerer Mickey’s Hat

  1. The Unnoficial Princess says:

    The Sorcerers Hat was supposed to be a temporary structure. They put it up in 2001 as part of a hundred years of magic celebration. Before that year the Earful Tower was the symbol of the park. Call me old school but I preferred the Earful Tower it felt like a cute touch that a studio might make in a working film studio. The hat always seemed a bit cartoonish, and didn’t fit in with the feel of the park. I am very interested to see what they replace it with.

  2. Natalie Davis says:

    Oh, I didn’t know that, but very cool! 😊 I like the Earful Tower also! I still miss the Sorcerer Hat, though! 😦

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