Must Do’s at Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom


Hello, Disney lovers! All of Animal Kingdom’s attractions can no doubt be finished in a day! There isn’t much the Park has to offer!Animal Kingdom is counted as a half-day park because it closes very early compared to the other Parks! Even though there isn’t a lot to do at Animal Kingdom, there are still a few must do’s! (If you want to read my must do’s for Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot, click those links!) Here are the Must Do’s for Animal Kingdom:


• Kilimanjaro Safaris: Located in Africa, ride off in an open-air vehicle for a tour of  exotic (actually alive) animals! This is a  creative attraction and is like you are going on a safari in Africa which you basically are! This attraction is HUGE! When I say huge, I mean huge, huge, huge because all of Magic Kingdom including the parking lots could fit into this attraction!   Definitely don’t miss this must do that the whole family will love!


DINOSAUR: The plot is that you are traveling back in time on a mission to haul back a a living dinosaur before it becomes extinct!  This is a dark, scary ride that isn’t okay for most young children! The dinosaurs are very  realistic thanks to the amazing Disney  Imagineers!

Expedition Everest: Race through the Himalayas on a fast “train” and behold the Yeti on this wild journey!  One of the best things about this ride is you go to a dead end, and you all of a sudden go backwards! This must do is awesome for thrill lovers and is a not miss! Most young children may be scared, so I don’t recommend you let them ride! Definitely get a FastPass for this ride!


Animal Kingdom definitely doesn’t have a lot of things to do, but it is nice to take on the surroundings! There are a lot of animals here, and you don’t just have to ride the safari ride to see them! Kids and even adults will enjoy looking at the animals, so definitely look at some of the animals at Animal Kingdom! One of the popular resturants at this Park is Restaurantosaurus which is located in Dinoland  USA, and Yak and Yeti Restaurant, which is located in Asia, is another fun one!

What are some of your must do’s for Animal Kingdom?

Have a magical evening!



8 thoughts on “Must Do’s at Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom

  1. Katie's Keys to the Kingdom says:

    I love Finding Nemo: the Musical and the Lion King show! Thy are both amazing and not to be missed! Dinosaur is one of my fav rides in all of Disney! My fav restaurant in AK is Flame Tree BBQ. What’s your fav restaurant in Disney?

  2. Melissa - says:

    I like your must do list for Animal Kingdom and I have no doubt that you do it all in style. 🙂 I personally love Animal Kingdom, right down to getting soaked on Kali River Rapids. 🙂 I can understand why some people consider Animal Kingdom a half day or single day park, but if you “stop to smell the roses”, one day is sometimes not enough. If rides & attractions are what you are interested in, than Animal Kingdom may only be a one day park. I personally love strolling along the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and the Maharajah Jungle Trek. We read about all of the animals and if you have signed up for the Wilderness Explorers activity, completing your booklet can easily take you more than one day. Lion King and Flights of Wonder are my favorite shows, although Nemo is also a good place to relax and cool off. We always take the wildlife express train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch and spend at least an hour talking to the cast members there & learning details about what goes on behind the scenes. Don’t forget about all of the excellent food that is available in this park and you may find a unique treat in the new Harambe Market. So if you don’t mind taking in the sights without the thrills, be sure and sign up for the Wilderness Explorers activity next time you are there and really learn about what this park has to offer. 😉

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