Must Do’s at Walt Disney World: Epcot


Hello, Disney lovers! Being twice as big as the Magic Kingdom, Epcot has a LOT to offer!  I would recommend to go twice to Epcot because there is so much to see and do in this Park which opened in 1982! Today, I am writing about the Must Do’s in Epcot! (If you want to read my must do’s for Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, click those links!)


Test Track: Go on a wild ride because we are “testing” how some cars can handle things! My favorite part of the ride is when you go outside, and go super fast! I also like when the car is going uphill and is being tested with the cold and hot zone!  Test Track is the fastest ride in Walt Disney World! This attraction recently got an update! Before you board your “car,” you actually get to design one! At the end of the ride, you get to see which one won! I think it is a super cool update that this attraction really needed! Definitely get a FastPass for this must do!


Soarin’: This ride is actually my fave in Epcot because it is amazing! Board you “hang glider” and explore the beautiful California like the beaches and Disneyland! This ride has some super cool effects with the smells and all sorts of things that you feel like you are actually there! It is basically a big movie screen, and you get lifted from your “hang gliders!” (Don’t worry they are actually not hang gliders! They are just hard to explain!)  Disney was super creative with this attraction! Soarin’ is going to get an update and will be called Soarin’ Over the World because you see things like the Great Wall of China! Now, you have to choose between getting a FastPass between Test Track or Soarin’! Tip: Which ever one you choose, just get there right when the Park  opens and ride the attraction you didn’t get a FastPass for exactly when you get there! This is a ride even non-thrill lovers will love!


Spaceship Earth: Remember the Epcot ball, the icon of the Park? It actually has Spaceship Earth in it! I think it was super creative of Disney to put it in the icon! It is a slow moving and dark ride that is really educational but fun! It explores the technology of the past, present and even future! You still think it is boring? You actually get to “design” your future on the screen in front of you in your vehicle which I think makes this attraction even more fun! I think it is a good idea to get a FastPass for this attraction!

The World Showcase: This is actually not one attraction! This is the closest way you can get to visiting countries around the world besides actually going to the countries! Most countries at Epcot have a show! You get to eat the food they eat in the countries, meet Disney characters that are from the countries(For an example, you can meet Mulan at China), shop the countries’  merchandise and watch the shows! Mexico actually has a boat ride called Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three  Caballeros, and Norway does also(which is getting an update to a Frozen boat ride)! There are 11 countries in World  Showcase! My personal  favorite showcase is France(They have a cute little French bakery and a mini version of the Eiffel Tower.)!  I also like Japan, England and Mexico in that order! The World Showcase actually takes up most of Epcot because it’s SO big!

• IllumiNations:Reflections of Earth: This is the night show of this Park and is amazing! It has colorful lights, lasers, fireworks and a movie screen shaped like the earth! It is beautiful and a breath-taking experience that you can not miss! Tip: Try to save your spot at least 30 minutes before it starts with a yummy snack! (I like the chocolate,  caramel  cookies in Germany!)


•Akershus Royal Banquet Hall:  This place serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is a “dining” with Disney Princesses like Belle, Ariel, Snow White, and more! I loved eating here when I was younger and would dress up as Belle! Make sure to make reservations 180 days ahead of time before you visit!

Lotus Blossom Cafe: This is a Chinese counter service restaurant that is obviously located in China! It has very good food and is fun to eat at!

Yorkshire County Fish Shop: This is a great, quick, cute place to get chips and fish at Epcot! It is counter service and has really good fish(and chips)! It is located in England!

What are some of your must do’s at Epcot?

Have a magical afternoon!



14 thoughts on “Must Do’s at Walt Disney World: Epcot

  1. marywdw says:

    I always have to eat gelato in Italy and listen to the British band play in England. I like to also eat at Teppan Edo, the hibachi restaurant in Japan. And spaceship earth is definitely my top must do!

  2. The Sock Mistress says:

    We went on Thursday with my nephews – they said Club Cool was their favourite … kids are weird like that 🙂

    I have a soft spot for Figment but its looking very dated. Time to put back the Dream Finder.

  3. Katie's Keys to the Kingdom says:

    Great post (as always)! I absolutely love Test Track!!! The faster, the better! There’s this really cool restaurant in Japan where they actually cook your meal at the table! I also really like the Garden Grill at the Land pavilion. I’ll have to try that Chinese restaurant next time I go as I’ve never eaten there before. It sounds really good!

  4. Natalie Davis says:

    Aww, thank you so much, Katie! You always support my blog, and I really appreciate it! I love Test Track, too! Yeah, I heard of that, and it sounds AWESOME!!! I have eaten at a restaurant like that tons of time,(It is not in Disney, though.) and I love it! The other restaurant sounds cool also! I think you should! 🙂

  5. emmarnett says:

    There are so many wonderful restaurants around World Showcase! I think my current favorite is Via Napoli in Italy! Makes me hungry just thinking about it!

  6. Paul Stroessner says:

    I went on Soarin’ when it first opened in California Adventure. I think it was called Soarin’ Over California. I was instantly blown away! I was thrilled that they opened it in Epcot! I need to ride on that every time I go to Epcot.

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