Walt Disney 4 Hour Biography on PBS


Sometimes I think about how Disney all started by a man and a mouse. I didn’t know much about Walt Disney, but now I do. I watched a four hour biography of the man on PBS which premiered Monday and Tuesday at nine. It had two parts and was very long! I watched most of it in one sitting, and I learned lots of things about him! It was very interesting, and I really enjoyed it!

I learned that he was always in a rush to get things done, and that is why there were a lot of disasters when Disneyland opened on  1955. I also learned that he could be an amazing and very kind friend, but if you crossed him and made him mad, he would be just be mean. There is a lot of more facts about him, but those were just some! I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t watched it! It tells about his young life, the movies he made, his personal life, the making of Disneyland and much more! Some tears were shed at the end because it was just so sad he died of cancer, and he never got to see Walt Disney World.(I finished it a few minutes ago, and I still feel like crying.) I was and still thinking about that if he lived for 20 or 30 more years, the Disney company would have been a lot different! Epcot would be completely  different because he wanted it to be a city!

And it really made me sad that one of the person’s interviewed said that his plans of Epcot were making him thrilled, and it was like he just went to the moon! I wish he would have gotten to see Disney World and have lived much, much  longer! He would have been so happy! I wish I could go back and time and take him to the future. I wish I could show him Disney World, Disneyland, all the Disney Parks around the world and how the Disney company is doing now. It would make him so happy!

I am really interested in Walt’s biography, and I want to read a book about him which my family owns!

Keep an eye out for American Experience if you didn’t record it, and check to make sure it says Walt Disney! Remember there is a part two!


7 thoughts on “Walt Disney 4 Hour Biography on PBS

  1. Rachel Wagner Smilingldsgirl says:

    It was a good documentary but for me it was mostly review but I did enjoy it. I think most bosses of large companies are mean when you cross them. It’s part of being a leader. I thought the part about Davy Crockett was interesting. I didn’t realize that was such a big hit and such a part of Disneyland’s initial appeal with Frontierland. I kind of wish we could have heard more from the Disney family but still it was neat to see footage and learn a little bit about a great innovator and leader. I definitely recommend it to anyone who gets a chance to see it. I think Disney was Protestant Christian called a Congregationalist. I have a feeling we will see him in Heaven. πŸ™‚

  2. Rachel Wagner Smilingldsgirl says:

    Reblogged this on Reviewing All 54 Disney Animated Films And More! and commented:
    Hey I won’t have time to review the new PBS documentary about Walt Disney but check out my blogging friend Natalie’s review. It was well done and pretty safe. I kind of wish we had heard more from the Disney family but it was still interesting. Most of it was review for me but for the average person you will learn a lot and enjoy it.

  3. Natalie Davis says:

    I agree really! I wish we could have seen some more, but it was great! Yeah, I think I heard that somewhere! πŸ™‚

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