Must Do’s at Walt Disney World: Hollywood Studios


Hello, Disney lovers! I wasn’t planning on writing the Must Do’s for Hollywood Studios, today, but it was super fun to do my Must Do’s for Magic Kingdom! I have decided to do it, anyway! You can usually do all(most) of what Hollywood Studios has to offer, so there is no reason to go twice unless you just want to!   Here are my Must Do’s for Hollywood Studios:


The Great Movie Ride: I can’t tell you how long this ride has been my favorite! I remember when I was little, and I was just in love with it! I remember getting super excited to ride it when I waiting inline! This ride is still one of my top favorites at Disney World, but it isn’t my very top favorite at this Park! Don’t get me wrong, though! I still love this ride and would die if they decided to tear it down like Backlot Tour!  I love the outside of the ride because they modeled it after the  Chinese Theater! It is super cool, and I think it is fun to just look out for a little while! Go into some of Hollywood’s famous movie  scenes  inculding The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins and Singing in the Rain! Your tour guide will take you into the movies! There are some really realistic scenes(and some scary ones) in this ride! I never get board of this ride because it is awesome! Tip: If you are traveling with young children, make them cover there eyes at the space scene because there is an alien in it that looks quite real!


Toy Story Mania: This attraction is perfect for the whole family! It is similar to Buzz Lighter Space Spin in the Magic Kingdom but is SO much better! It is a 4D interactive carnival-like game with your favorite characters from Toy Story and some super cool effects!  You wear these yellow 3D glasses and get in your vehicle. This ride is is probably the most popular ride in Hollywood Studios, so make sure to reserve a FastPass 30 days ahead or 60. (if you are staying on Disney property.) Tip: If you don’t get a FastPass, make sure you get there right when it opens and rush right there because a lot of people are usually heading there!  This is an attraction that  you can not miss!

Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage!: This is a Broadway-style version of the 1991 film! It has some of the main scenes from Beauty and the Beast, amazing costumes and your favorite songs! The movie being my favorite Disney movie, I can never miss this!

Vovage of The Little Mermaid:  This is an inside show that has pretty cool effects with live people, puppets, a 10 feet Ursula  puppet which I always thought was a robot, lasers and your favorite songs from The Little Mermaid! If you are not a big fan of the film, it is a great way to cool down because the temperature is pretty cool in it!

Rock n Roll Coaster: I am a huge thrill lover, so this ride is definitely a must do for me! The plot of this ride is that
Aerosmith is having a concert, and we need to get there fast in an awesome, super fast roller coaster! It launches from 0 to 60 miles in 2.8 seconds which is AWESOME! There are loops, hills, neon lights and rock music playing in the background as you ride this epic attraction! Make sure to get a FastPass for this fast ride because this attraction is really popular!  Tip: Don’t sit in the very back because those are where the speakers are, and it is sooooo loud in your ears. Try to either sit in  the middle or the front! I have sat in the back, middle and front, and the front is my fave!


Star Tours-The Adventures Continue: You could ride this ride over and over again and have different experiences because there is over 50 “adventures!” It is a 3D motion simulator! You enter a spacecraft, and C-3P0 is your pilot! attractions! Put on your 3D glasses and buckle your seat belts because you are going on a Stars Wars adventure! You usually need a FastPass for this attraction, but the wait time isn’t as long as the others. It would be fine if you didn’t have a FastPass. Tip: If you can’t handle motion, you shouldn’t ride!

Tower of Terror:  When I five years old, it was my first time riding, and I thought it was awful! This year I finally got the guts to ride it again, and I actually  enjoyed this!  Take a trip through the Twilight Zone, and go on a creep visit to the haunted hotel! You never know when you will drop from the “elevator” or how many drops you will drop because you get a different experience each time! If you are  interested in riding, you HAVE to get a FastPass because the wait time throughout the day is 100 and sometimes more minutes!



Backlot Express: This is a counter  service restaurant and is really cheap but has very good food! You can get food like burgers here and is a great place to grab a bite!

Pizza Planet Arcade: This is another counter service and is my favorite place to eat at Hollywood Studios! I feel like this Park doesn’t have a lot of options for dining, but this place is great! It is based on Andy’s favorite restaurant in Toy Story, “Pizza Planet Arcade!”  If you are not a big fan of pizza, they have other options like salads and more!

I am planning on doing Epcot’s and Animal Kingdom’s must do’s soon, so keep an eye out for that! What are some of your must do’s for Hollywood Studios?

Have a magical day!



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