Must Do’s at Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom


Hello, Disney lovers! When people think of Disney World, they usually think of Magic Kingdom! Your Disney vacation can not be complete without visiting this Park!  There is way too much to do at Magic Kingdom all in one day, so it is great to go twice on your visit! You can have a less-stressful visit, so that is why I recommend to go twice! If you aren’t planning to go twice, you probably don’t want to waste your time on  things that aren’t really worth it,  so I am going to write about the Must Do’s for Magic Kingdom!

Must Do Attractions:

It’s A Small World:This ride was made by Walt Disney, so it is very special to me! Take a ride on a “cruise,”  and go all over the world to see all different cultures!

Peter Pan’s Flight: Another attraction made by Walt Disney, this is a classic that most of the time needs a FastPass!  (If you want to save your Fast Passes for other things, either ride it right away when you get there or get a FastPass later in the day.)  Take a ride on a pirate ship,  and you get to explore Neverland!

Mickey’s Philharmagic- Grab your 3D glasses, and take a seat! Mickey Mouse is conducting his orchestra and tells Donald Duck to not touch his magic hat. He does and goes on an adventure seeing Disney characters like  Simba, Ariel and Jasmine and Aladdin with their famous songs! There is some super cool effects, so make sure to check this must do out!

•The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: Opened in 2014, the lines for this wait is ALWAYS long because it is very new, so make sure to reserve a FasPass! Ride in your ” mine train,” and take a quick tour of the mines! Meet the seven dwarfs and a quick look of Snow White and her evil stepmother disguised has an ugly hag!  This rollercoaster is perfect for all ages! There is a few small drops and side-to-sides.

Under the Sea-Journey of the Little Mermaid: Take a visit under the sea  in your clamshells, and meet Ariel and friends in this “under the sea” ride! Also, beware of a sea witch on your visit!

The Jungle Crusie:  The best time to visit this ride is probably at night! It can be quite long at the middle of the day, but once you check the line out at night, it is generally really short! Go on a crusie of the jungle with your tour guide! You might find some dark caves and big snakes! Again, this is another ride made by Mr. Disney.

Pirates of Caribbean: This is an another Disney classic made by Walt Disney that you can’t miss! Go on an adventure to see how it is like to be a pirate!

Splash Mountain: This definitely needs a FastPass all the time, so if you are planning to check it out, get one! Get in some “loges,” and see the story of Bier Rabbit! Prepare to get water especially in the very front! 

Space Mountain: This ride again always needs a FastPass! Take an adventure in space! This awesome rollercoaster is another must do!


Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor: Enjoy a show hosted by the characters from Monsters Inc! By our laughter, it is there new way they get energy! This is show is super funny, and you can even text your jokes to them! There is always one guy(that guy) that the monsters pick on!
• Festival of Fantasy Parade: This must do is not actually an attraction! It is the best parade ever! Try to get there 30 minutes ahead of time to save your seat with a yummy snack! The perfect place to watch is at Main Street in my opinion!  See Ariel, Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna, Belle and Beast and more and including Mickey and Minnie Mouse at the end! Make sure to check what time the parade starts ahead of time! 

Wishes: You can never miss this! This is a firework show for night time and is a great way to leave the Park! See Tinker Bell “flying” over Cinderella Castle, the best fireworks in the world and listen to all that with Disney music!


Must Do Dining:

Be Our Guest Resturant: Everyone knows Belle is my all time favorite princess, so this restaurant is definitely a must do for me! Make sure to reserve a Fast Pass 30 days ahead of time or 60(if you are staying ON Disney property). In my opinion, this restaurant has the BEST food in the Magic Kingdom! You can choose from the following three rooms to dine in: The Castle Gallery, The West Wing and The Grand Ballroom!

Tortuga Tavern: This restaurant is a great place to grab a quick bite because it is counter service, and it has really great food! They have Mexican food, and if your kid doesn’t like it, they actually have other options(for kids).

I hope I gave you some great advice, and thanks for reading my must do’s for Magic Kingdom! I am also maybe planning on writing the must do’s for the other Parks!

Have a magical evening!



14 thoughts on “Must Do’s at Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom

  1. Katie's Keys says:

    Great post! I sadly have not gotten to eat at either of those restaurants! I REALLY want to eat at Be Our Guest!!!! My fav is Crystal Palace, not just cause of Winne the Pooh, but I think the food is exceptionally good! (Even by Disney standards) I really hope to try those restaurants next time I go!

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