Let the Magic and Planning Begin


Hello, Disney lovers! It would never surprise anyone that  knows my family if we decided to go to Disney World twice in one year! My whole family are Disney freaks(especially me), so it would never shock someone we know! I know I said my next Disney vacation would be at the beginning of June next year, but… I am pretty sure you know what I am saying… I am GOING TO DISNEY WORLD for the SECOND TIME this year!!! I am SO excited, and it is not long away! I will be at Disney World less than three months away!!! This will be my family’s first time going at the Christmas season! (We are going at the beginning of December, so it will not that busy.) We will go to the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios to see the Osborne Family lights before they get taken down!  My family will just stay a few days, and I think it will be very nice to be away from the freezing weather in December!  My family already bought the plane tickets and reserved the resort we will stay at! It’s totally official that my family is going “Where Dreams Come True” in less than three months! 

I have already started reading a Disney World book with tips and tricks and about the Parks and attractions and have started watching Disney attractions on YouTube to get me more excited for my trip! I have started looking at new Disney t-shirts on Amazon. (I am planning on getting either an Ariel top or Belle!) My family has started looking for  reservations for Disney restaurants and started talking about which Fastpasses we could get for the Parks! 

I am so excited for my trip to Disney World and can’t wait to be at the most magical place on earth! I can’t wait to have the annoying “It’s a Small  World” song stuck in my head, to see Cinderella Castle up close as I walk down Main Street, scream very loud on Rock  n Roll Coaster, here the screams of people on Tower of Terror as I enter Hollywood Studios,   see the Walt Disney World sign and much, much more! Plus, another great thing about this trip is when I leave, it won’t be as hard because I know I will come back in seven months in June! Let the magic and planning begin! 

Have a magical afternoon!!!



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