The Major Plot Hole in Beauty and the Beast

Bonjour, Disney lovers! I have mentioned this a lot on my blog, but Beauty and the Beast is no doubt my favorite Disney movie of all time! It is amazing, and I LOVE it! Like every movie, it has a few plot holes, and I would like to talk about the biggest one:


In the first scene, it introduces Adam aka the Beast. Like everyone knows, he gets cursed because he is selfish and only cares about the beauty on the outside! The narrator says if he doesn’t get the spell broken by his 21st birthday, he will remain a beast forever! At a later scene in the movie, Lumiere says “10 years we’ve been rusting,” so that means the Beast was cursed when he was  11 YEARS OLD!!! This is what I am thinking: Who would curse an 11 year old, why would an 11 year old answer the door to a stranger, where were his parents if he even had any. I also just remembered another thing: The Beast is a man in the portrait that we see in the West Wing! How can he be 11 or even younger in that? Can’t the Disney company do math?!? They really should have thought about it before making the movie! This is a major and huge plot hole that I wish Disney didn’t have! But what if Lumiere was just exaggerating about that they have been under a spell for 10 years?!?

Do you think Lumiere could be exaggerating?

Have a magical day!



9 thoughts on “The Major Plot Hole in Beauty and the Beast

  1. Aurelie says:

    oh i learned about something new from you, Natalie! i never knew about that.
    Thank you for sharing an interesting post 🙂

  2. Rachel Wagner Smilingldsgirl says:

    All movies have plotholes when you really think about it. The good movies work despite the plotholes. Another one from Beauty and the Beast is when you think about Be Our Guest if every piece of silverware, napkins, china is all a person then there were a lot of people in that castle! Also where is Beasts kingdom? Wouldn’t someone else be leading all this time that Beast is a beast? What about his family?
    In the end good films make you forget such things and Beauty and the Beast is certainly one of those films for me.

  3. Katie's Keys says:

    I have thought about this every time I watch that movie. Most of the 11 year old boys that I’ve met aren’t exactly real gentlemen. Adam (Beast) probably watched Snow White and decided not to trust little old ladies that he didn’t know. Haha

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