It’s a Small World in Disney World vs Disneyland

Hello, Disney lovers! It’s a Small World as always been one of my favorite attractions at Disney! It might not be some people’s favorite, but it is definitely one of my mine! It’s a classic that every  Disney freak  could have ridden at least once! I have been luck enough to visit both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, so I have ridden both versions! They are mostly similar but have some differences! I thought I would write a post about the differences between the one in Magic Kingdom and the one at Disneyland Park:

At first at Disneyland when you board, the little “boats,” you are outside for a little bit, and then you go inside. At the one in Disney World, you are COMPLETELY inside the whole entire time! A few years ago in Disneyland, Disney added Disney characters like Ariel and Jessie and Woody to the countries they are in! I think it is sooo cool and fun! (You should keep a close look out for them if you go to Disneyland.) While in Disney World, they don’t have any Disney characters, and someday, I hope they will put them in!

How you wait inline in each one is different also! In Disney World, you wait outside for a tiny, tiny bit, but then you stay inside for most of the time! While in Disneyland, you wait outside the whole time! The outside of both of them are very different! In Disneyland, it is has “clock,” is very big and has a lot of and white and a little bit of yellow! Then, while in Disney World, it is very colorful and their is a picture of some of the characters from the attraction!

Which one do I like better? I like the one in Disneyland better because it has Disney characters, I like that you are outside for a little while, and I just love the look of the outside! Don’t get me wrong, though! I still love the one in Magic Kingdom, but I like the one in Disneyland better!

What version of the ride do you like better?

Have a magical evening!



4 thoughts on “It’s a Small World in Disney World vs Disneyland

  1. Paul Stroessner says:

    I’ve been to Disneyland once. I love how the rides are different between the two parks. I did like the Disneyland Small World better. I don’t know if it is because I’ve been on the Magic Kingdom one many more times or not. I also loved the Pirates ride in Disneyland. I think the opening drop was a lot bigger there than at Disney World. I also happened to go to Disneyland when they had the Nightmare Before Christmas version of The Haunted Mansion.

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