Mulan Movie Review

Happy Labor Day, Disney lovers!  This morning I watched Mulan because I was in a Disney mood!(What am I talking about? I am always in a Disney mood!) I really enjoyed it, and I wanted to write a review:


All Fa Mulan wants is to give her family  honor. When her father is called on to be in the army, she takes his place as a man! If she gets recognised as a woman, she will be put to death! Will Mulan be able to give her family honor and save China?

This movie has beautiful animation, and I love it!  This movie is amazing, and I really enjoy it! The characters are well made, and the plot is awesome! I LOVE Reflection  in this film because it is a beautiful song! I rate this movie  five out five!

What do you think of Mulan?

Have a great day off work, and have a magical afternoon!!!



6 thoughts on “Mulan Movie Review

  1. Lauren Rice says:

    I think Mulan is a great film as well. I just recently watched the film this week (I hadn’t seen it in like 10 years) and I found that I really enjoyed the song “I’ll Make A Man Out of You”.

  2. minervasthoughts1 says:

    I think Mulan is one of the best Disney films, as well as Hercules and The Little Mermaid. I give it a 5/5 as well! kisses 🙂

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